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CX Memories is the Cornerstone for Awe-Inspiring Customer Service



Ask yourself this question – has your brand made genuine and relentless efforts to create Customer Experience (CX) memories?

If the answer is not a clear ‘yes’, you can be dead sure that your business is not providing awe-inspiring customer service, that results in deep admiration.

To understand what we mean by CX memories, go through this blog – How to Create Awesome CX Memories with Delightful Experiences that we had written sometime back.To disperse the idea and the thought behind CX memories, Ameyo had spoken broadly at the Service Quality Excellence Summit 2017, on the 10th and 11th of this month. At the event, we had made a sincere effort to disperse this idea among customer experience and customer service heads, along with business heads and CEOs – across industries.

At the Service Quality Excellence Summit 2017, Ameyo explained that customers of today can only be won with empathy, trust, and above all else – by being proactive. These three aforementioned components all are key aspects of carving exemplary CX memories – consistently.

The importance of CX memories was also elucidated by citing real-life examples, where brands, have been able create awe-inspiring memories with customer service.

Our thoughts on CX memories have been accepted with great enthusiasm among various business heads.

“The concept of creating ‘CX Memories’ is a paradigm shift in Service Quality Excellence Summit in India. The notes which struck me the most were Ameyo’s case studies on answering the ‘Why of all KPIs’. No matter how large or small an organization is, they can strive and manage to create a special place in customers’ hearts – this was a big takeaway for all the participants of the summit. Exemplifying the Indian ethos of Atithi Devo Bhava by treating customers like the next Dhirubhai or Steve Jobs, takes customer experience initiatives at a completely different level. The memories and learning from the presentation on ‘Creating CX Memories” are etched forever in my heart and will be cherished for years to come.” – Nilesh L Prabhulkar, Head of Quality, Meru

“No matter how large or small an organization is, they can strive and manage to create a special place in customers’ hearts – this was a big takeaway for all the participants of the summit.”

Naman Gupta, Head- Customer & Channel Services, IndiaFirst Life Insurance, had this to say – “It was a wonderful interaction with the panellists and delegates from different industries. This really made us think and understand the various approaches that each one of them is taking to up the standard of customer experience. One of the key takeaways is that AI and robotics will play a critical role to enable customers to take more informed decisions, and will not really substitute humans. Overall, it was worth attending the summit.”

“An excellent variety of speakers and relevant topics at good pace. It has been a great learning ground and networking with professionals form varied domain of business. It was a great conference overall and I’d love to come back next year” – Rekha Nair, Head – Airport Services, GVK

Ameyo’s Co-Founder – Sachin Bhatia who led the CX Memories initiative at the summit said – “There were two clear actionable that transpired after talking to over 50 CX leaders at Service Quality Excellence Summit 2017. The first was to align workforce and empower them to take decisions on behalf of the customers. Actual measurement of customer experience, both at transaction as well as overall experience was the second positive outcome that emerged at the event.

Surely, organizations would take key pointers from our belief on ‘CX Memories’, and drive awe-inspiring customer service – for now and in the times to come. 



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