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Demystifying Digital Channels with Call Center Software


Todays digital channels, especially social media and mobile technologies have dramatically changed the way consumers communicate, interact share and spread information. Proliferation of smartphones has a huge role to play for this transformation. But, while the public adores the emergence of new consumer technology, it can give customer experience executives a heartburn.

Social medias have been able to transform communication pathways in such a way, providing customers a power that they were quite unaware a decade ago. This power is been leveraged for better customer service and better quality. A small fraction of anger or frustration can turn into a harsh 140-character rant with a global reach. Bad reviews posted socially can have a drastic impact on the brand and reputation of companies, it may even risk their survival.

Most of the companies have realised the potential impact of social and mobile technologies, but only a few have tend to think about them in the context of customer service and overall experience. Many companies still view these technologies as a platform for marketing and communication responding selectively to vocal customers. Companies should come out of their shell where they merely use mobile technologies in the context of mobile applications for corporate branding and messaging. They should understand that mobile users are immune to such means of communication and they prefer actual customer service as and when they wish, rather than being redirected to customer support.

Social and mobile technologies holds many opportunities to reach out to customers at precise moments of need to serve them better. Social and mobile has their own unique strengths and capabilities; social media has the one-to-many approach, allowing your company’s voice to be heard by millions, whereas mobile has the power to provide personalized attention to customers. Companies should start investing in these technologies to leverage each channels strengths to meet business objectives.

To deliver great customer experience requires personal and consistent approach, and for this purpose, the agents are to be armed with context and customer information to interact and resolve customer queries. Each channel should be tightly integrated and should reflect this purpose. This can be made possible only by implementing an advanced call center software that seamlessly integrates multiple channels of contact. Companies should make sure that agents do not interact with their customers blindly, which may lead to high attrition rates. When customer tweets, the agent should be able to know who tweeted, their previous interactions over the phone, email, chat or mobile, their previous issues and resolutions.

With history and context across all channels and touch-points, agents are empowered to quickly and easily help customers complete their transactions and resolve issues.


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