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It really works 🙂

My crew calls me a Geek… To some extent I understand their sentiments as I am mostly entangled in coding and yes I did watch The Matrix only a million times in my college life. So while the world moved on I was still living under a rock and typing strings of code… Your everyday average nerd who loves, designing, developing and deploying… did I just sound binaric by any chance??? :p

Its all in the eyes of the beholder they say…. All I see some how are strings of codes, running from everywhere to everywhere, from the water dispenser to lunch box of rice and even the guy who sits next to me. Whenever I step into work I can’t help but think of everyone, every department as part of a larger matrix.

Like I perceive my company as a product, where i work for its development, where each employee is like a character building the codes of a software.

No wonder I see our management as the base platform where everything is built on. Each departments are inter linked with OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts, where people can rely and interact from same or different departments based on their Access Specifiers.

The techie way on which I categorise my company’s functions is given below :-

Hell !!! you might be thinking by now, is this a kind of some major code designed document or HLD..(High Level Design). It reminds me of high school when we used to define things in bullets and add a tag “given below”

  • R & D are the Codes that help build the platform

  • Marketing, Finance, Admin and Operations are the different Modules based on scripts that coordinate, organise and make the functioning possible

  • Salespeople are the User Interface that allows the customers to use the technical platform

  • Engineers are the Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing algorithms

Well, the data architecture of each modules work under specified stages that completes the software development lifecycle, resulting in the final product, i.e. building the organisation. Together we build the great place to work, live and enjoy.

Well, I guess I will sign off as writing has never been my field of expertise.


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