Do it like Dilbert – 20 Reasons Why Customer Service is an Amusing Job


A typical day at any contact center would revolve around taking customer calls or handling complaints. By the middle of the week, you would have wished that there’s more to your life than just heaps and tons of work.

Remember that night when you felt so burdened with work that you just wanted an escape, but just imagine how small our problems are in the larger scheme of things. I mean just take a look at the stars from time to time, and you’ll realise that your problems are so miniscule that nobody gives a flying duck!

Trust us when we say we feel for you and can empathize with your distress, and the best we can do is to help divert your mind with witty humour from the world of Dilbert. So, for the next few fleeting minutes, just lay back and laugh at your own misery, because at times – that is the best therapy!

  1. C’mon now, a little over optimism never hurt anybody!Dilbert_Agent_Optimism.gif
  2. Enough of free services people!DIlbert_App_Subscription.gif
  3. Compassion with Bazooka – Hell Yeaaaahhhh!
  4. Dilbert_Bazooka.gifDoes this qualify as a bad time?Dilbert_Collections.gif
  5. Customer complaints best handled with a touch of erratic writingDIlbert_Customer_Complaint_Handling.gif
  6. Oh please! Please don’t be ethical in such a cruel world
  7. Dilbert_Customer_Data.gifFolks, watch what you think of your boss
  8. Dilbert_Customer_Meeting.gifCustomer Retention or Dead Customers – What is better
  9. Dilbert_Customer_Retention.gifTyranny of Customer Service – Anyone?Dilbert_Customer_Service_Tyranny.gif
  10. Escalated Calls = Stupid Stupid Loooser!Dilbert_Customer_Support.jpg
  11. How to make your Customers Helpless 101Dilbert_Flawed_Product.gif
  12. Pray that you don’t end on the wrong side of Customer Service
  13. Dilbert_Get_Rid_of_Service.gifThat’s right fellas, it’s time for Ruthless Purging!Dilbert_Injured_Packing.gif
  14. Never stop believing in jabbering to win customers
  15. DIlbert_Jabbering.gifO Magnificent Customer, I’m your Love Puppet!Dilbert_Love_Puppet.gif
  16. Because, Budgets Cuts in Customer Service seldom go as plannedDilbert_Prank_Calls.gif
  17. Warranty – Say what now?
  18. Dilbert_Serial_Number.gifLunch Time means no nonsense
  19. Dilbert_Tech_Support.gifCreepy Personal Questions for superior Customer SupportRatbert_Customer_Support.gif
  20. The Brain is an Amazing Thing, my friends!Dilbert_The_Brain.gif

So, the next time you think you have had enough, think about what Dilbert would have done, and you shall find peace!

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