DOT Extends the Relaxation in Work from Home Norms till 31st December 2020


COVID-19 demanded the contact centers to go remote. And to support this, Department of Telecommunications provided relaxation for the WFH norms initially till April 30 when India was under strict lockdown, and then it was extended till 31st July. Initially, it seemed that this was a temporary relaxation for OSPs and most businesses were settling down with WFH norms, making arrangements for remote contact centers to be operational.
But it appears that this is the New Normal. And this reflects in DOT’s extension in work from home norms till 31st December 2020.

DoT has further extended the relaxations in the Terms and Conditions for Other Service Providers (OSPs) upto 31st December 2020 to facilitate work from home in view of the on going concern due to #COVID19.

— DoT India (@DoT_India) July 21, 2020

How will this relaxation help businesses to work from remote locations?

Most businesses are settling in with the WFH model and DOT has only made it easier for them to opt for remote contact center solutions to provide uninterrupted customer service. This relaxation will benefit businesses in many ways:

Reduced Cost Pressure

Remote contact centers will help businesses reduce the cost of operations by 12.5%. Businesses can eliminate the need for setting up physical infrastructure, keeping the costs under check while hiring remote employees.

Calls can be Redirected to Agents’ Location

Department of Telecommunications’ regulation will allow the call redirection to agents’ locations and will connect to agents’ phones with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). During the mentioned period, OSPs are permitted to use secured VPN configured using Static IP, treating agents at home as extended agent positions of the OSP.


The current situation demands the flexibility of work from anywhere and DOT’s regulations will ensure that the contact center agents can work from remote locations. Remote contact centers are here to stay and with extended relaxation, businesses can work remotely for the long term.

Business Scalability

Businesses can run a single site and route the calls to agents in multiple locations as per the new DOT guidelines. For businesses with a surge in call volume, this is the right opportunity to scale their contact center operations as they do not have to worry about the multiple call server deployments to align with earlier DOT regulations.

Remote Hiring will not be a Challenge

Work from home opens up employment opportunities with no location barriers. This works well in favor of a large section of the country where such opportunities are welcomed by the ones in need, helping the country to upskill efficiently and businesses to hire a diverse workforce.

Remote Contact Center Challenges

The radical shift from legacy to remote contact center solutions is aimed at enabling businesses to work from anywhere and provide uninterrupted customer service on all digital platforms in this New Normal of Contactless World.
The following considerations are important challenges for the new age remote contact centers:

  • Establish IT Governance: With remote teams and uncontrolled infrastructure, problem identification is needed to monitor and diagnose the root cause for resolution. Businesses will need to establish remote governance with 360-degree Application Infrastructure Management (AIM) to run contact centers with confidence.
  • Centralized View of Contact Center Operations: The remote agent’s performance needs to be monitored irrespective of their work location or the devices being used. With comprehensive remote monitoring tools, agents’ activity can be tracked in real-time to make well-informed decisions about resource allocation.
  • Onboarding and Collaboration: Virtual engagement amongst teams will need a little extra care for the shared vision of the organization. And since necessity is the mother of invention, organizations can resort to tools that ensure smooth onboarding, team collaboration, peer communication, team broadcasting, and a holistic view of remote monitoring to create a healthy yet conducive remote work environment.

Ameyo’s Remote Contact Center Solutions that help Businesses Curb these Challenges

For most businesses, establishing IT Governance remains a top priority amongst other challenges. Ameyo’s  Virtual Call Center Software, after careful observation of these challenges, provides businesses an opportunity to work remotely without compromising on business productivity.

  • Establish Remote Governance: Businesses can overcome remote IT infrastructure challenges by getting a 360-degree view of all devices and environments. Supervisors and managers can identify the reason for low productivity with 15 monitoring parameters.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: With multiple deployment options of Cloud, on-premise, and Hybrid Solutions, businesses can choose the solution for their specific needs.
  • Remote Monitoring: Managers can keep a track of all agents’ activities in a Unified Monitoring interface irrespective of agents’ work location. This allows them to monitor agents’ performance in real-time and helps them make well-informed decisions.
  • Flexibility to Login from Anywhere: With Ameyo’s Remote Contact Center Solutions, contact center agents can login from any device such as laptops and smartphones; any browser; and any work environment.

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