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Drishti – Dream not a business

A New Beginning

‘Campus to Corporate’ the dreadful phrase that haunted me in my entire college life, you need to do this, do that and blah blah.. All I ever saw was people cribbing about their job and work life. I was certainly not prepared for the challenge. Still, it comes when it has to, I took the plunge from management school to the frying pan, the corporate life.

Guys, I happen to work in the organisation, that do not ‘fry’ me, where I am laiden with responsibilities at my will to learn and grow.

A few intriguing facts that I came across in our induction session :-

  • our company ( yes that’s what we call it because each employee is seen as an entrepreneur in themselves) runs on a set protocol and that is “Common Sense”
  • taking initiative can never be a crime here
  • be a creator or destroyer, that’s a challenge to your will

Three software engineers, with an idea of coding a pure Indian based application software, designed and implemented the idea, giving birth to innovation of the era in the domain of communication technology. Our organisation is one of the few product based companies, i.e. conceptualised and developed in India, truly Indian but entirely global.

And our chief quotes it beautifully “Drishti is a dream not a business.”

Look around, how many products can you count that is from our homeland, the jacket I am wearing is Zara, some Spanish brand, the laptop I am scribbling on is HP, innovated in U.S. It’s just an instance at the spot, I was not able to find a relevant number of things originally from Indian company. In the light of the fact, existing product based companies are the initiators, rekindling the million innovators out there still contemplating the first step.

We live in a country that is billed to be the superpower in a few years down the line. INNOVATION is the one driving force that will strengthen the economic foundation of the country. Gone are the days of dependency, we are capable enough to think, design and implement. And there comes the major role of product based company, its time we encourage the idea of innovation and emerging entrepreneur. IT sector is fast growing , as per the stats, the sector has increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in FY 1998 to 7.1% in FY 2011. Isn’t this an achievement in itself, which definitely calls for a new beginning of the leaders from our motherland as we also surpass the yearly graduate engineers in comparison to other countries.

I am honored to be part of an ecosystem where success does not blunt the drive for innovation and where our achievements are only as good as what we envision.

Indeed, I am living the Dream.


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