Employee-Employer Relationship: Call Center Management


Call centers tend to have a substantial workforce and if we think about huge BPOs handling multiple operations then we can have hundreds of call center agents working together. What we need to remember is that the introduction of a new employee by an employer into an organisation means bringing in a new workforce aboard. However, besides this addition of a member into a group, there also begins a relationship between an employee and an employer which is carried forward for the benefit of the organisation he is employed with. The managers and subordinates (agents) are interdependent on each other in order to yield results conducive to their organisation. Hence, the bond between the two has to be strong. The management of such association between the two plays a vital role in the contact center arena. The stronger the relationship the greater the employee happiness which in return produces an increased productivity. In order to garner these benefits, you need to be mindful of keeping the significance of your employer-employee relationship in mind.

A Balance in Relationship

The relationship between an employee and an employer should be mutual and respectful. Since, it is an employer who brings in the employee into an organisation, its his utmost duty to make the former comfortable and happy while at work. A benevolent attitude of an employer will lead to employee satisfaction which will prompt good and fruitful result. However, some employer wishes to maintain a distance with his employee in order to keep up with the hierarchy between the two. It is entirely on an employer on how he wishes to treat his employee, but the bottom line should be a strong bond between the two so that the business goals are met.


In a relationship between an employer and an employee, there should be a reciprocated interdependency between the two. One depends on the other for the smooth execution of work. An employer will look forward to his employee for the delivery of assignments on time and undertaking other initiatives in his absence. Likewise, an employee will expect his employer to assist him in his executions and make himself accessible whenever needed.

Social Approach

From the words, employee and employer, we clearly decipher the kind of relationship the two holds. Since, the association is purely corporate, there should however be space between the two wherein they can be friendly and social. Besides the business-oriented interactions, there should also be lively and fun involving topics included in their subjects of conversation. The bond between the two should be candid enough so that besides being colleagues, they also feel the wave of amity at work.


Liberty to Communicate

An employee should be allowed the liberty to communicate freely. In a situation wherein an employee fails to communicate with their employees, it results in creating a void of information and ill-will. This generates the feeling in an employee of not being considered as an important asset to the organisation. Therefore, ensure the comfort level of your employee by conversing your company’s effectiveness and about its activities, by which you will attract the employee further into the family of your organisation.

It is imperative for an employee and an employer to work closely especially in a call center scenario. Having a conducive and respectable relationship means being on the same page and having each other’s back in difficult times. Doing this will yield good and productive results.

So, how are you getting along with your employees?

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