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Enriching a billion lives with Ameyo


Enriching a billion lives with Ameyo
From the very inception, the evolution of technology has been for the upliftment and the gain of mankind. The major breakthroughs of technology have captivated us and every nook and corner of the world today is enjoying the comforts provided by technology. Today, it is undergoing higher energy, environmental and application demands that are putting pressure on how products and systems are designed and manufactured. Thus, technology has certainly allowed us to increase the quality of our lives in terms of subsistence.

Ameyo is the child of one such technological evolution. It is an all-in-one next-generation Communications suite that empowers businesses to become swifter and adaptable. The solution responds to the dynamic challenges faced by emerging enterprises, by ensuring business availability for maximum customer contact and reducing operational complexities for effortless management. Built from ground-up using standards-based software, it ensures complete extensibility, reliability and availability. The future-proof solution is adaptable as far as service delivery mechanisms (SaaS or Premise), size (tens to thousands), technology (VoIP or TDM), and process types are concerned. Moreover, it allows for complete manageability and scalability owing to SOA, and Model Driven Architecture (MDA). Ameyo automates complex routine tasks so that users can spend more time engaging with profitable customers while simultaneously giving complete management control and improved price-performance. Its rich feature-set offers innovative capabilities to Contact Centers and Enterprises with unique requirements, operational complexities, performance bottlenecks, and automation issues.
Ameyo communications suite facilitates enterprises to confine their communication requirements to one integrated solution thereby, giving customers a consistent experience. It copes up with the tough economic unpredictabilities and advances technological environment. Contact Centres and enterprises aim at managing customer experience and operational costs for which they seek for solutions that help them acquire these goals. Its unique features such as the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automates inbound calls by enabling self-service and reducing average call processing time. It also facilitates better resource utilization for call centers and reduced wait time for customers. Ameyo is a software based all-in-one solution, that gives advanced capabilities to power even the most complex inbound, outbound and blended customer interactions processes.
Ameyo is a sophisticated solution that adapts itself as a part of any business strategy. It has been specifically devised for Business executives to innovate and implement small steps around their processes. Contact centres receive billions of calls everyday thereby getting connected with masses of customers. Ameyo, being one of the widely used CIM solution; virtually connects with all the customers calling up the contact centres. Thus Ameyo, besides being a flagship solution for a complete CIM, plays a magnanimous and benevolent role in enriching the lives of billions and adding reassurances to their business existence thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
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