Ensuring Business Continuity with Conversational AI

Business continuity with AI

Businesses worldwide have been going through a massive transformation over several years. The introduction of cutting-edge tech innovations, change in consumer behavior, globalization, and several other factors play a huge role. 

In addition, suppose the role of natural disasters and disease outbreaks are to be considered. In that case, the requirements of delivering a top-notch service can become quite challenging. 

Companies must rapidly evolve their existing tech stack to avoid such events’ pitfalls. One of the primary reasons for doing so is to improve the customer experience. 

The uncertainty due to several disruptions that are now so common for businesses must be negated to maintain business continuity. 

Among the departments most affected by these disruptions, the customer service sector has been impacted severely. 

The rise in expectations, unpredictability, and the need to meet customer requirements have led to a surge in customer interactions, which puts the customer service teams under tremendous pressure. 

Tech innovations like conversational AI can be a helpful addition here in maintaining business continuity and seamless operations. Let’s find out how. 

Collaboration Between Chatbots & Remote Agents

The introduction of conversational AI has been a significant advantage in tackling business continuity challenges. 

The array of solutions that leverages cloud-based AI and ML capabilities has been a helpful addition in breaking the barriers between human agents and chatbots.

In addition, it has further reduced the dependency on the physical presence of a customer center executive by making remote work seamlessly.

AI-based conversational chatbots have also improved operational efficiency for businesses by associating multiple digital channels for customer interaction. 

It enhances customer communications by simulating human-like interactions across channels that can be monitored or handled better by human agents and improve customer experience to quite some degree. 

Improving Customer Center Operational Efficiency

AI-based chatbots leverage AI, ML, NLP, and other capabilities to ‘learn’ continuously. Therefore, businesses can train their chatbots to automate a range of tasks. 

For example, they can teach the chatbots to handle routine queries and FAQs such as customer login issues, profile changes, shipment details, and payment issues. 

In addition, these AI-based chatbots can help customers find and order products, recommend relevant product updates and features, book tickets, and more. 

Chatbots can be ‘taught’ customer preferences using data such as past transactions, purchase history, online history, and more. Each new interaction act as a data point for the chatbots, which define their actions while interacting with the customers. 

It can also escalate the issues or customer queries to a human agent if it cannot help solve the problem. 

In short, maintaining business continuity with AI becomes much more convenient for businesses by using these tools as the first point of contact for customer interactions. 


Automating Customer Service Center Processes

Maintaining business continuity is vital for operations and processes requiring more manual interventions. However, this can lead to a lack of adaptability, increased human errors, and a lack of scaling up operational requirements due to overdependence on humans.

Introducing AI can complement these human agents with effective management and handling processes that enhance collaboration and efficiency across operations.

Chatbots can effectively automate the customer service department too. Since these machines don’t need sleep or breaks, they can easily handle customer interactions, even in high volumes. 

Studies show that chatbots can even answer almost 80 percent of routine queries from customers. 

These capabilities allow chatbots to improve the response times of customer centers and free up human agents’ for other challenging tasks. 

It also enables businesses and agents to find enough bandwidth to upskill themselves, potentially improving the customer center’s overall efficiency. 

These tools can improve business continuity with AI by optimizing the agents’ effort and time spent answering common queries, expanding a company’s profitability.

It also provides a data-driven approach for businesses to improve their ROI by investing more in the right processes. 

Improving Client Experiences

Using AI for business continuity allows companies to use customer data more efficiently and improve the relevance of products and offerings to the customers. 

It can analyze the key insights to find customer intent and motivations and solve hidden interdependencies that affect business growth. This helps businesses to optimize their processes and increase customer engagement rates. 

Using customer data also helps businesses proactively understand customer satisfaction levels and address their pain points while interacting with the company. 

In addition, it allows them to improve customer loyalty and drive retention by optimizing relevant processes.

Subsequently, including AI-based chatbots in operational processes helps in driving business intelligence. These chatbots can be integrated with the existing CRMs and leverage their data to derive a 360-degree view of the customers. 

As a result, it helps businesses improve their marketing and sales outreaches with relevant recommendations, feedback inquiries, and other interactions that boost customer loyalty. 

Maintaining Backups

As the level of global connectivity increases, so does the threat perception of using such facilities goes up. 

A cloud-based solution that leverages AI to maintain business continuity helps businesses mitigate the issue by strengthening the online security parameters and ensuring safety for customer data. 

In addition, it further improves business efficiencies by reducing data loss and increasing the number of data points for collecting customer insights.

Since these are cloud-based solutions leveraging remote and secure servers, businesses can consider them as secure backups and retrieve them in case of a fallout. 

Even if there is a security breach at the local server, the cloud-based solutions also help businesses maintain the integrity of the customer data by securing the remote server.  


Wrapping Up

A cloud-based, intelligent chatbot can help companies maintain business continuity with AI. These tools and platforms’ ability to handle customer queries at a massive scale, cost-effective and engaging manner helps companies improve user experience, loyalty, and retention. 

Further, the scalability of these tools also allows businesses to ensure continuity and optimize operational parameters.

Understanding the business needs and adapting to a digital transformation ecosystem is the only way to move forward for businesses today. To know more about how to use conversational AI, visit our website or email us at – info@ameyo.com. 

Moeen Khan

Moeen is currently a Sr. Content Marketer at Ameyo. Moeen is a copywriter, content developer, and content strategist with an ability to relate stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. Moeen loves working with Technology-based companies (He is obsessed with Artificial Intelligence!), Tech, SaaS, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Agencies. Moeen’s favorite brands are unique, full of character, and have that ostentatious vibe.