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Fast Moving Generation of Technology

Pandemic effect of Communication Technology

Its been interesting travelling metro early morning, oh! I travel, compartment full of ladies (privileged), majority of them to their offices. Working schedule may not leave enough place for your kins and loved ones and this is the time you would love to hook on to them no matter, you are crushed between huge Aunties or your feet is stamped by a high heel. You are still plugged in to your bluetooth headset or earphones or chats (in my case). That’s how communication technology has a pandemic effect in each one of our lives. In a conversation with my colleague (engineer), who explained how an extension is installed on every metro station which is connected to the telecom tower, that signals us as “connected” underground.

We live in a Fast Moving Generation of Technology (FMGT). Where my father booked railway tickets lining up in a queue at the station, I book tickets online. India is not lagging behind, almost all the governmental offices are techified, with advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT). 19 States out of 26 States have announced new IT policies. E-Governance, e-Banking, e-Manufacturing, e-Commerce, etc. are the new mantras in India.

The growing trend could be seen in the Police e.Governance grid through high bandwidth network, where a nationwide database of criminals are made available at all police stations and updated on a continuous basis. Its recent toll-free helpline number is a boon in today’s unsecured environment. The introduction of Akash tablet by our Education Minister is an example how our academia is undergoing a change, realising the value of internet and technology.

Rapid approach to Globalisation has attracted major tech developers towards India, as their development base. Use of high-speed satellite and video conferencing links provided by Software Technology Parks has made Offshore software development possible. The other important and most crucial use of ICT is in Linking the Rural India with Urban India which will definitely help our country to realise a long time dream of EQUALITY in terms of wealth distribution, opportunities, education, necessities and overall development.

Well, these were the few developments and the trend in ICT, there still remains a pinhole, as pointed out by another of my colleague, “ we dont get any attention of beautiful ladies these days, as wherever you go, they are either busy checking out their phone’s screen or concentrating on their headphones… 🙁 sighs***


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