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Fundamentals of Call Center Outsourcing you Should Know



In corporate enterprise the term outsourcing is liberally used to denote the assignment of certain duties, services, departments, or elements to a third party proprietor. Businesses may thus choose to deliberately delegate certain peripheral instruments of their company such as the service department for instance, under the care and responsibility of a foreign party that preferably holds expertise in the aforementioned area.

Choosing call center outsourcing will prove to be a crucial step as cost efficiency is bartered for a willing loss of control over the management and upkeep of your customer service association.

However, once this integral decision has been made, the following list may provide you with the assistance required in understanding the basics and know-how of call center outsourcing in the most proficient and beneficial method possible.

1. Choose your Vendor well

This step acts as the most indispensable proponent towards establishing a successful outsourced entity. The selection of vendor will become the foremost basis for your interaction with the market/clients. It is therefore crucial that you choose a contact center that best represents your requirements and your company’s general aspirations and attitude towards customer servicing. This selection will involve rigorous and utmost research with a vast amount of service providers available and correspondingly, the copious amounts of varied services they offer to facilitate.

An easy method to navigate this obstacle is to conjure a firm series of essentials and services your institution requires and accordingly seek and recruit the most compatible vendor that fulfils the requirements.

For instance if your plan serves to perpetuate cost efficiency, offshore outsourcing which involves engaging a company in a country where labor laws are more flexible, will be the suitable course of action. Similarly, you can alternate between onshore and nearshore call center outsourcing based on your preference.

2. Total Outsourcing Vs Selective Outsourcing

Furthermore, you may choose the nature of call center outsourcing under either of these categories:-

Total outsourcing involves delegating an entire department or constituent to a proficient vendor.This type of outsourcing is usually employed by larger enterprises that can afford to compartmentalize their resources.

Selective call center outsourcing involves delegating particular activities and services to outside providers. This type of outsourcing can be employed by small scale businesses especially in relations to time consuming elements that can be handled more effectively by a third party vendor.

3. Consider the Variable during Call Center Outsourcing 

Other variables that one ought to look for to ensure a successful outsourcing is your selected call/contact service provider’s track-record and market skills. While it will always benefit to choose a vendor of a reputable stature and explicit testament of previous engagements, it is also integral to validate your selection of the competence and capabilities of your customer service providing enterprise.

4. Virtual is Real

Alternately, it is also possible for institutions to implement a virtual customer care apparatus where the contact agents are dispersed over the globe instead of a singular facility, thus making troubleshooting multi-lingual. The advent of fierce globalization and virtual call center software makes this possible while adding and consecutively expanding your enterprise to a multi-platform scale.

5. Classify

Another integral step in the selection of a proficient vendor would involve the classification of duties required in terms of inbound or outbound call traffic.

The services provided by an inbound call center provider would necessarily include anything under the purview of general customer care support services, 24 hours help desk, call answering services, call forwarding services, providing product information, technical support systems, processing claims, taking orders, and appointments etc.

Outbound providers may include services such as telemarketing, database establishing, market research conducting, undertaking marketing campaigns etc.

Moreover a complete IT sector provider may, in addition to the services mentioned – provide custom software and application development, invest in the development of customized accounting software, IVR programming systems, telecom billing solutions etc.

Customer care service acts as an agent between your company and the public. It is therefore necessary in cases of call center outsourcing to select the service providing candidates which comprehend and assimilate this into their work ethic. Hopefully this list will assist you to make informed decisions such that the transition of your outsourcing resources function as proficiently and organically as possible.



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