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Great Tips from the Hotel Industry on Customer Service

The hotel industry has great examples of how to satisfy customers that will keep them loyal and use more products from your business.

Hotels around the world know that their patrons expect the most exceptional service for the price they have paid. In this regard, each hotel strives to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all its customers so that they come back to the same hotel in the future. Good service always pays because customers who are satisfied and happy with the service will recommend the hotel to their friends and family. They will in fact, argue in favor of the point that the more they pay, the better the service they receive. If this is not a sound strategy to increase revenue, what else is there?

Exceptional Service

The hospitality industry has great examples of customer service Dos and Donts which have been adopted or avoided by almost all industries. CEOs like to train their employees using the learning from the hotel industry to inform them of how to deal with clients, how to make your product exceptional, and how to run a successful company. Each hotel works like a machine with each employee working as a cog to ensure smooth operation. Discipline and commitment to service are the key characteristics expected in hotel employees. Each CEO wants to replicate these same characteristics in their employees.

In a hotel, the service starts with the first phone call which is made by the customer as an enquiry into the services and facilities provided by the hotel. Judging the hotel deal and the price of the service, customers make their choice. The more the operator lists as facilities provided, the more inclined customers tend to be. The big names in the industry have survived for as long as they have by offering more at the best and the competitive rate. Even a small hotel can win customers by offering something as simple as free Wi-Fi.

Make Each First Phone Call a Success

This is a great point to learn from the best in the industry. If you can win a customer in the very first call, you know that your strategy has been a success. A hotel’s contact center or call operators should have a robust setup which allows the agent/operator quick access to any information. They should be able to answer all queries successfully and push the potential customer towards a deal. The more customizable the deal, the more satisfied the customer will be. They will get a sense of personalized service from the hotel which suits their needs. That is an exceptional factor to boost a hotel’s image.

Arm Your Employees with the Best Service Tools

One of the things customers appreciate a lot is the fact that the concierge/bell boy/steward/hotel owner who services them sees to every request that is made. Customers will feel more joyful if they see that their server is highly involved in making their stay very pleasant. If the owners provide them with facilities like a welcome card, flower arrangements every day, and other such gestures that the customer never expected, then customers would be delighted. After all, making the customer feel special will only heighten the satisfaction ratings.

Likewise in contact centers, ensure that your agents have the best technology and tools to provide heightened multi-channel service. Agents should treat each caller with care and see to it that they are serviced efficiently. Giving customers deals, discounts, and freebies helps build loyalty and improves satisfaction. The additional service that businesses provide should make the customers come back for more quality experience and products. Great service will help businesses sustain customers while a robust solution allows the contact center to function like a well-oiled machine. If the contact center is able to successfully deliver, the business will profit both in terms of customer loyalty and sales. Therefore, to achieve these targets, make sure your customers are happy and satisfied. 



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