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Holding on – the dream or the job


Campus recruitment
Campus recruitment. This little phrase would send shivers down the spine for numerous students hoping to be a part of their “Dream Company”. What is a dream company? It is for sure that all of us have different priorities while categorizing from the basket full of corporate multinational giants to being entrepreneurs, but what helps in prioritizing one over the other and finalizing the same are usually hear-say opinions shared by our peers and often those that we think are the stand-apart people who have achieved what they wanted.

A common bias we all suffer while we quote that “the grass is always greener on the other side” is the optimistic view that fails us in noticing thorns. I mean to state that while you see a 30-something well dressed gentleman driving a BMW, that’s how you want to be – irrespective of his facial expression that might say “Oh lord – if the venture capitalists don’t fund in by tonight, do i take an Alprax or a Nitrazepam 10 to sleep”. Oh hell yeah, with great power comes great responsibility, but if you are not responsible, who would be the fool to hand you the power.
So, back to the point – how do you categorize your dream company? Is it the Pay, Power, Autonomy, Authority or Anonymity that you are looking for. You have to make your choice between shining apart or sustaining in mediocre forever. A dream company is made of countless dreams put together, but our usual bias forces us to be myopic in seeing the big dream without noticing the intricacies. Why do i have this thought? because recently while taking an interview of an engineer of a reputed college for his first job, I was asked questions like, Is your company self sustaining? What is the profitability ratio? Average age of employees?. For sure, this person knew what he was looking for. In the present scenario of colleges coming up like a bunch of mushrooms, students are made to live under the pressure of placements and unfortunately, not performance.
The outcome makes them reach a platform where beggars can’t be choosers and if wishes were horses they would ride. The basic concept of a dream company that was earlier taught to them is rendered useless and finally all of them are made to run in a mad race for money. Ah! and then we are never sorry while criticizing the world for being “Money minded” in our typical Indian style. To end this rant, i would just want to people to not lose focus and stop manipulating your dreams because the market might not be good. Your dreams are valuable and if you can dream it, you can do it.
What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.


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