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Hospitality industry-opening doors for next-gen communications solutions

The season of holidays arrives! Like any other individual who wishes to escape the humdrum of a routine life, I too planned to welcome the New Year with a vacation on my mind. The best way? – it’s simple!. Just log into a web portal offering

attractive packages for travelling and accommodation. But it was a disappointing experience as I tried booking my tickets online and was left yearning. I shelled a huge amount of money from my credit card using the net banking service provided by the website and ultimately, was fooled into saying that you have received your tickets via an e-mail. But lo and behold! There was no e-mail! And I vowed not to use the site anymore.

I would be tagged by the travel and tourism company as a ‘dissatisfied customer’. Working in the domain of communications technology for quite some time, it was disheartening to see that businesses are still following the traditional methods and in the process, losing out on customers. In an age of automation, communications software are available to manage such cumbersome processes, eliminating the possibility of errors or latency. Yet, there still exist certain travel portals that are happy without considering such solutions for their businesses.

In a typical hospitality business, the interactions mainly consist of bookings, telemarketing, managing packages that involve sight-seeing and accommodation and inter-house communications inside large chains of hotels. These interactions can take place across various communications channels such as phone, web, SMS or even live chats.

In an age of internet and online travel portals, the web has become an extremely important customer touch point and needs to be integrated into the overall contact strategy both in the form of capturing the interest of incoming customer traffic and also as a mass reach-out tool. A communication solution that can integrate multiple channels like phone, email, SMS, web etc. and help deliver a personalized experience to the customers is the need.

The right solution ensures optimum customer satisfaction and guest experience. But the question is ‘HOW’?

The solution helps in self-service to manage the incoming customer queries and telemarketing to attract new customers and generate businesses. With high-end automation, it streamlines the haphazard interactions taking place. It intelligently routes the calls to agents with the expertise to offer attractive deals and hampers in addition to resolving their queries. Powering the businesses, as a back-end support, the solution ensures 24×7 availability, hence, eliminating the possibility of a ‘lost or dissatisfied customer’.

Such solutions are fast becoming a way to differentiate their services from the competition. Hotels, travel agencies and travel portals are realizing that software solutions, integrated call centers, and mobility can help improve their guests’ experience, increase staff productivity, reduce costs, and drive new revenue streams.

The good news is that leading travelling companies have already benefitted much from next-gen IT technology and created a customer base that is loyal and also a propagator of their services. Quite contrary to my bad experience, they have gained much from the word-of-mouth publicity from their satisfied customers. This, itself has brought them great business and continues to do so. I am urged to say in the end that communications technology has gained new heights and businesses must make use of such solutions in order to ensure growth and progress.

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