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How ACD Can Help Banks Deliver Great Customer Experience


Use Automatic Call Distributor to manage customer calls and intelligently distribute them to the right agent.

Banks, no matter what the size, have numerous queries to answer on a daily basis. These range from questions on simple matters like bank account inquiry to complex queries like application for huge loans. For the sake of handling customers, banks are divided into departments and sub-departments with each banking agent highly trained in their specific area.

Likewise, banks have to segregate their contact center processes and ensure that when customers call, message, or e-mail with queries, following steps are ensured:

  1. The query should land with the right contact center agent
  2. The agent should have quick access to customer data for ease of interaction
  3. Agent should be able to e-mail or message information instantly to customer using customer’s choice of channel for communication.
  4. Customers should not be made to callback while the agent consults a senior, or a specialist
  5. Calls which require greater expertise should instantly be transferred to an expert.

ACD manages inbound calls and routes them to all the available agents to ensure uniform call distribution across available agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations. This is one of the major reasons why banks need an exceptional Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) in their contact centers. The ACD should be up and running all the time and ensure minimum waiting time.

The response time is crucial for the business. If the customer is forced to wait for a long time, or forced to call repeatedly without any response, it is not good for the business. While existing customers do not switch easily to competitors, potential customers have no such qualms. They will choose the service which is most efficient in handling their queries in the quickest time.

But banks beware; you do not want to anger or frustrate your existing customers. After all, it is tougher to maintain existing customers than to gain new ones. Your existing customers should be serviced like royalty otherwise they tend to use alternate channels to spread negative word-of-mouth in case of a bad experience. Using the ACD feature from a robust contact center solution will ensure that each customer query is handled by your agents in the best possible manner. Aim for first call resolution and if a callback needs to be done, schedule one based on the customer’s availability. A little flexibility goes a long way in keeping the customer happy.


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