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How Bad Customer Experience is Eating Your Revenue [Infographic]

Studies show that “it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.”
Customer experience stands at the core of any business these days. A customer might remain quiet for many good experiences but could shout loud to people even about a single bad experience. As customer experience is directly proportional to customer service, businesses should understand that bad customer service can cause unfavorable opinions about their business.
So how can you define bad customer service? It’s long wait times, multiple interactions to resolve a single issue, and ignorant agent activities.
Customer expectations resonate both past and present assessment and service experiences. Once these expectations are met, customers start believing in the service being provided to them. This is the time where the actual influence and loyalty parameters accumulate in the mind of the customer. Once this trust is built the customer will stay loyal and chances of repeat business shall increase exponentially. 
The below infographic by Jitbit explains about how bad customer service may lead to unhappy customers and may ultimately increase customer churn.


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