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How Chatbots will Transform Customer Service



If you have a product that resonates well with the requirements of your target audience, your customers will definitely turn into brand advocates. The journey of earning brand advocates require enough commitment from businesses so that they can create ‘WOW’ experience. Thus, organizations need to keep themselves updated on latest innovations and technology updates.

The customer service industry is strongly being driven by advanced innovations like Robotics analytics and chatbots.

Chatbots are cut-edge technology that have the capability of understanding customer’s intent  and thereafter delivering precise knowledge. With the increased use of technologies and interactions multiplying from millions to trillions it becomes indispensable for businesses to deliver best in class service.  This will not only improve their brand visibility but at the same time will also ensure consistent experience.

Chatbots have redefined business by simulating intelligent conversations and enabling people to interact with them via chat interfaces using textual as well as audio means. Here is how chatbots will transform customer service:

Personalized experience: Chatbots have transformed the realm of customer service and have raised the bars for delivering superior experience. Imagine a world without human intervention and errors, where customer service is just one click away. Delivering personalized service has been one of the major drawbacks for few organizations. Chatbots have armed the organizations  with knowledge database and serving customers have never been easier than it is today. From people placing order for food, searching restaurants, nearby hospitals to activities involving escalation of issues in service are being taken care of chatbots. Since, chatbots are designed for all time assistance and quick response, the resolution rate of queries have improved remarkably.

Improved efficiency: Since chatbots have been designed for speedy delivery of services, customers have to no longer search for options on various mediums. Once the past history of the customer is captured into the CRM, the data is synthesized and is further used for creating meaningful conversations. Chatbots have armed the customer service team with more useful information and have made their life easier which has resulted into reduced call times and improved efficiency of service department.

24*7 assistance: Chatbots are considered to be gods of speed, accuracy and efficiency. By removing human intervention, organizations can ensure on time delivery of service with 24*7 assistance. Take the example of a customer who needs to file a complaint for his lost debit card.If the process is handled manually, then it might be frustrating for the customer to wait in the queue to be served by a busy agent. But the scenario could be an interesting and delightful for the customer if he can immediately be served by the chatbot assistance as this type of issue won’t require any human assistance. Thus such experiences will increase the brand loyalty and at the same time release the burden of the lone agents.

Better collaboration:  Delivering excellent customer service is the USP for most of the organizations. Chatbots are being extensively used for handling menial tasks or the activities that require less human intervention allowing agents to focus on more complex tasks are important for driving engagement and better collaboration with customers. This will not only improve the motivation level of agents but will eventually increase the CSAT score and loyalty towards a brand. 



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