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How Contact Centers Can Leverage Pokémon Go as an element of Gamification


On July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go was unleashed by San Francisco-based developer Niantic Inc. Since then, the augmented reality game has taken over the gaming world. With its innovative structure and concept, you would think that many people would be wasting their time on it (and you’ll be right). However, organizations are using the game to leverage their business.
As the line between technology and reality keeps getting thinner, organizations are finding innovative ways to engage customers and employees. They are employing gamification as a means to increase competitiveness among employees, in order to make them more productive and keep them motivated. They are ensuring a more fun and enjoyable experience that is intended to produce a positive result.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of design elements and principles of games in areas that are not game-related. Its intention is to create a sense of achievement, competitiveness, and status that can motivate a person to achieve their goals. Organizations and businesses use gamification to improve engagement, productivity, and learning among employees.

Advantages of Gamification

The benefits of gamification differ from one industry to another, depending on the needs and objectives. Take a look at five of the most important benefits of gamification.

  1. Constant feedback

The leaderboard system in gamification allows employees to view their performance against their peers. This way, they can constantly receive feedback of their performance and are able to work towards improving them. It also encourages them to be more productive and motivates them to do better.

  1. Rewards and recognition

There is more to productivity than financial motivation. When employees are rewarded for their efforts, it definitely boosts their morale, but there should be something more. Gamification provides employees a ‘feel good factor’ that assures they are doing their job well. Managers can use gamification to ensure everyone is able to reach their maximum potential and recognize their efforts aptly.

  1. Learning

It’s always fun to learn something new. With gamification, you are able to learn and master new things. It may be challenging in the beginning, but the fun factor in gamification allows you to continue playing and still learn in the process. Then, it becomes easier as you progress further.

  1. Engagement

Whether it is with employees or customers, the primary reason gamification is applied in any industry is engagement. And a measurable engagement at that. This helps organizations understand what motivates their employees to do well and drive towards building that environment. When employees are positively engaged with their work, it leads to increased productivity and high-quality work.

  1. It is voluntary

There is no rule stating that gamification is mandatory. Employees are free to choose how they work. This empowers them to make decisions and creates more meaning in the work they do. They feel that their voice also matters and inspires them to work better.

How does Pokémon Go fit into your Contact Center Model?

The basic premise of Pokémon Go is to find and capture a number of Pokémons. The augmented reality intersperses with real-world locations where you can find these creatures using your smartphone.
If you are wondering how an augmented reality game can benefit your contact center, here goes.

  • Proactive engagement

Pokémon Go comes with no strings attached. You do not have to purchase it, create an user id, or provide any information for that matter, to begin playing the game. Similarly, you can create customer experiences by engaging with customers and understanding their needs without asking for any information. You can then provide products and services accordingly before they request for one.

  • Track data

At every step of Pokémon Go, your gaming information is tracked and stored. The types of Pokémons captured, their characteristics, your rewards, badges, and other gaming data is readily available. Irrespective of your gaming frequency, the experience is personalized to your liking. You can change the heights and weights of the Pokémon, get rewards for catching them, get badges for their behavior, and play as you want. In a contact center, you can personalize customer experiences by molding services, suited to each. Use the data available to understand what exactly they want from you and provide the same. This will lead to a positive customer experience.

  • Learn to balance

In Pokémon Go, you have to keep track of, and balance a number of things. In contact centers, employees have to resolve multiple issues, make sure SLAs is met, document the issues, call back customers, and do so much more simultaneously. Gamification allows them to balance work and achieve their targets easily.
The rewards system in gamification offers players (or in this case, employees) points or badges whenever they accomplish a task. Leaderboards allow them to see their standings against other employees, making them more competitive. However, there is more to gamification than what you see on the surface. Gamification techniques are used to instill an intrinsic motivation that promotes autonomy, streamlines performance, and provides a sense of meaning. 



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