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How Cross-Channel Interaction Analytics Can Benefit Your Call Center


When you are running a call center, you will need to focus on the one single most important factor – customer satisfaction, and there’s no running away from it. The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be stressed enough. A company’s reputation depends on its customers’ satisfaction, and its revenue depends on its reputation, thus making customer satisfaction imperative for your business.

Why is Customer Satisfaction so Important?

Large companies across the world often create a separate business to handle their customers’ requests, demands, and queries. Sometimes, these businesses are outsourced, even to other countries. This is done by companies because it is much easier to have a separate entity to provide its entire attention towards customers’ needs and requirements. This way, companies can guarantee that their customers are provided with wholesome, accurate, and quality service. So, if the service is top-notch, why focus on customer satisfaction?!

Most companies these days use customer satisfaction and one of the biggest criteria to evaluate their call centers’ success. Among several metrics, their achievements are marked by the rate of how satisfied their customers are. It is important that companies place their relationship with customers higher than other metrics such as efficiency or cost savings. You will need to set this as your primary bar to achieve success. The reason behind this is that an unhappy customer can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation.

These days, people can get anything online and share their views on numerous platforms online. It is only a matter of a couple of sentences. Some people take to social to complain about services they were offered. Unfortunately, it is much easier for people to share negative opinions than positive feedback. When a customer uploads something negative about your company, it will reach the people on his or her circle of friends who will develop a similar opinion about your company without even having ever used your services.

This can be very damaging to your company’s reputation, which will require for you to spend a large amount of money, time, and labor to fix. A positive review, however, will be a blessing to your company. Somebody appreciating your company is always a good thing. It is crucial that you always aim for good publicity.

What is Cross-Channel Interaction?

The days of correspondence with their customers solely with the telephone are long gone. Nowadays, there is a vast pool of channels available to interact with your customers, including social media, chat, and emails. Several companies are investing heavily in social media and live chat support because they have recognized how important these platforms are to Millennials. People no longer want to make calls and talk to agents. They would much rather send an email or get on a chat platform to interact with a representative who can handle their queries and resolve their issues.

A customer will always seek for the most convenient mode to communicate with service providers. They will look for various channels to be able to correspond with their specific service providers, and your company needs to identify these channels. Once you have located these channels, you can also use them for marketing purposes. As a call center, you will need to track your customers’ cross-channel interactions over various channels. Analyzing these interactions can help you improve loyalty and prevent customer churn.

Here are a few ways how cross-channel interaction analytics can provide a boost to your call center.

  • They help you shape your interactions in real-time. Interaction analytics will help your organization gain access to data on customer interaction across various channels such as email, social media, or chat messages. When you get these real-time data, you can categorize interactions and locate trends in customer interests and behavior. This will help you provide better customer experience.
  • Cross-channel interactions can help you extract important business intelligence. With the growth of various channels for interaction, your call center has the opportunity to gain new sources to influence the experiences with your customers.
  • Customers are seeking multiple channels to help them correspond with their service providers. Your call center will have to adapt to these analytics tools as this trend rises.
  • Locking your customers’ interactions over various channels will help you gain more satisfied customers. Another advantage is that it also helps improve the performance of your agents. This, in turn, it will have a positive effect on customer experience. Managers and leaders can use analytic tools like speech analytics to train their agents.

With newer channels of communications emerging almost every year, companies like yours need to capture your customers’ interactions and identify their preferred channels. This will allow you to create a better understanding of your customers’ needs and provide them with a much better experience.


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