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How do Great Call Center Managers Create Happy Working Environment

A sound and healthy working environment is something that each one of us demands today. It is beneficial as well as it enhances employees’ well-being, satisfaction and performance. Environment at Call Centers is extremely stressful therefore it is necessary to maintain a benchmark for employee engagement. Happy and engaged employees don’t just create happy and satisfied customers, rather they help in delivering exceptional customer engagement. Studies show that only 25% of companies feel that their customers are extremely engaged with their brand. So, what do great Call Center managers do every day to keep the existing customers happy and gain new customers?

Some call center managers have the charm and capacity to handle the extreme pressure while some of them don’t. So, here is a list of 5 great things that an effective call center manager does to create a happy working environment:

Keep up with the Latest Technology Trends

Being technologically updated is essential for catering to the business requirements as technology is changing & evolving every day. Call Center managers should know what’s working and what is not on the technology front? In order to compete in today’s business world, it’s very important for them to keep abreast of emerging new technologies. Great Contact Center managers make this a daily task so that it is easier for them to resolve any issue that comes in their path of success.

Maintaining Open Policy with Agents

Agents are the most essential part of a Contact Center. They are the eyes and ears of the operating system. So why not utilize them as a means of providing feedback? They can tell you about the requirement of Customers and also about the trends being followed by the competitors. They can provide massive amount of ideas on how to do things better. This helps you as a call center manager, as well as make the agents feel like their voice is being heard and that they hold an important role in the organization.

Creating Comfort Level at the Workplace

Employee satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. A high rate of employee contentedness is directly related to a lower turnover rate. Satisfied employees are the ones who are extremely loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst scenario. They do not work out of compulsion but because they dream of taking their organization to a new level. A great call center manager keeps a keen eye on this & ensures on providing positive feedback, motivating staffs and welcoming feedback. This will result in happy employees who will reflect positivity in their customer calls, reduce staff turnover, and would be more productive.

Acting as True Mentors

A Great call center manager always acts as a leader and moreover as a true mentor. He leads a team of agents and supervisors and guides them by providing support and advice. He also helps them in coaching and development eventually guiding them towards the path of success. They continuously monitor and track the performance of their agents through call recordings and other monitoring tools.

Getting Their Hands Dirty

Great Call Center managers always get their hands dirty by getting on the phone and acting as an agent. This act results in great learning. Doing this gives them a better understanding of challenges which their subordinates are facing on call. This eventually helps them in revising their call center strategy and earning respect from their subordinates.

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