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How Great Cab Services Deliver Smiles


A working professional commuting from work, or for work, needs a comfortable transport service. The mode we choose to travel in depends on the distance, comfort, and cost. So while public transport is cheap and highly connected, it is time-consuming. Cabs and taxis provide the comfort of stretching one’s legs in the back seat and the best feature is that drivers somehow know how to escape the worst traffic. That is always fantastic!

Curious to know how my preferred cab service worked so efficiently, I thought to dig deeper. How were they providing a quick and hassle-free auto service to the commuters?
Cabs now provide world-class service
When professional travel, they want transport which is quick and comfortable. They needed fast service, drivers they can trust, and easy availability. Earlier, booking a taxi was a chore and one could not just stand in the street and shout TAXI! Modern cab services have completely changed things. The drivers are smart, use GPS-enabled devices to update you on estimated time of pick up, and most importantly, they understand their customers urgency.
All of this was made possible with a simple shift of focus from running a cab service to providing excellent transport. Cabs became better and organized because they prioritized their customers. The disorganized, untimely, and lax attitude of the past was abandoned and cab drivers started servicing professionally, like airline staff. They focused on the safe and comfortable journey of their passengers. This set the precedent for the whole cab industry.

Most importantly, they incorporated technology into their service. Take a look at OlaCabs, an online car rental platform in Mumbai and Delhi. Their service brings efficiency and customer experience to the car rental industry just like the airline companies. OlaCabs is more than just a rental car service; they are an online platform which plans out the complete car rental experience.

OlaCabs adopted a robust contact center solutions to streamline their operations and connect their agents, drivers, and customers seamlessly. The communication flow behind the operations is that a passenger dials the customer care center and books a pick-and-drop service. These requests are recorded in the call center and the nearest auto driver from the fleet is assigned the request. The entire call flow from the incoming commuter request to the call recording and informing the nearest cab is handled by the call center.
Customers who are hiring a car have unique requirements ranging from custom-made pit stops to convenience and choice of vehicle. These rights and obligations to the customers have to be fulfilled and with a robust technology ensuring quick changes and updates to services, OlaCabs was able to satisfy their customers. Customers were happy that they could be connected easily and get information within minutes. Great service like this always ensures happy customers and satisfied journeys. That is what we all are looking forward to.



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