How Quality Customer Service can Drive your Business Growth


Customer service is the key to maintaining good customer relations and growing a successful business.  When it comes to the business world, customer service is considered as the most important aspect for staying ahead of competition. Customer service should not be considered as an afterthought; rather it should be a priority for business of all types. A customer service rep with right set of skills understands the real meaning of assisting their customers throughout their buying journey.

Customer satisfaction is directly related with the kind of Customer service that is being provided. Reps receive more than 100 calls in a day. They keep on addressing issues and queries of different customers. But have you ever thought about what goes wrong in the middle of a call that your customer ends up disconnecting even before the query is resolved? Do you know why the ratios of your furiated customers are more than happy customers?

Good customer service can benefit your business in numerous ways and by understanding its importance, agents can take positive measures towards providing healthy and improved services. Let’s discuss about some of the benefits that your business can achieve by taking good care of customers’ and providing them with a quality service:

Business re-association: Quality customer service plays a crucial role in getting repeat businesses. The customer’s desire to re-associate with an organization is always backed up by the great efforts of a customer service agent.  Rapport building with customers takes time, but when nurtured completely it produces dozens of amazing results. Certain customers gets influenced to such an extent  by the kind of relationship and trust that your company has build in them that they might become the most loyal customer for a lifetime. By taking small steps like sending a thank-you email after every purchase, dropping a greeting message for any good occasion, updating customers about new offers, etc., helps your customers to go an extra mile with your organization. These strategies go a long way and at the same time your customers feel appreciated, which makes them coming back to your organization.

Business Publicity: Word of mouth is one of the greatest tools for creating awareness about business. Every business owner hopes for that magical moment when a customer not only speaks well of their company, but also acts as a brand advocate generating more prospects for the business. When customers receive quality services from an organization, they tend to discuss it in their social network, which leads to direct publicity and increased popularity of an organization.

Niche Creation: It is a well-known fact that certain percentage of the general population will buy your products and services more than others. So focusing more accurately on them can help in recording higher sales which will help in creating a sense of uniqueness about your business.

Improvement in conversion rate: Your website is the face of your organization as it plays a vital role in building the conversion rate. It can earn you many customers in seconds as well as can also make you lose many at the same time. Conversion rate is measured by the number of contacts who after checking your services and profile are willing to contact you for further query. So 24*7 live chat assistance from customer service agent can help you in converting prospects to customers.

Increased Business Growth: Customer service department should never be considered as a “cost center” that is adding no value to the organization. Only few organizations have understood the real meaning of retaining a customer. With the help of a smart technology, customer service department not only have the power to nurture relationship with the existing customer, but at the same time they can build bonds with new customers.This will not only help in boosting business growth but will also help in expanding the existing customer base.

In the words of John Jantsch “Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations”, So how are you capturing this opportunity?

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