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How to foster Customer Engagement in a Hyper Connected World



What makes any business tick?

Some may argue that the role of ideation and strategies contributes to businesses more than anything else. However, the fact is that customer engagement matters the most, if any business hopes to be in the game for the longer run.

Superior customer experience can only be attained through better customer engagement tactics. Even the best businesses can cease to exist without proper customer engagement. However, with the changing dynamics in customer communication, brands have started to be smarter in utilising technology to evolve engagement strategies.That brings us to the customer engagement in a hyper connected world, on which we spoke elaborately about, in the recently concluded Customer Experience Management 2017 event. At the event, Ameyo talked broadly about what will really change in 2017 in terms of customer service experience, and what will drive the changes.

In a world which is ruled by apps and social media, the purpose and function of big data has increased manifold. Every day, terabytes of information are produced and processed by numerous organisations to channel customer engagement in the right manner.

According to a recent study, the number of internet users in India is expected to reach 600 million by 2020. This is nearly double to the approximately 343 million users at present. 

Therefore, customer engagement in an increasingly hyper connected world is one of the key challenges that all brands need to rise up to. Brands need to up the ante in terms of customer engagement to better drive the swift shift in technological advancement.

Talking about the event, Ankit Tandon, Oyo Rooms said – “It was nice to understand how companies across all ages – from startups to heritage giants such as SBI think of CX and work towards it. Also, discussions on metrics to measure real business performance for CX were quite good.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you at the CXM 2017, I was very impressed with Ameyo’s knowledge, preparation and moderation skills. I would be very happy to further interact and pick your brains on the customer experience management subject.” – Srinivas Jain, SBI Funds Management

Mobile data and data traffic have been observing a huge upsurge, with customers clearly moving towards higher data speeds, while traffic is also growing immensely – driven by 3G and videos. This is evident in the recent statistics – 245 million mobile data subscribers, out of which 145 million are on 3G, while 5 million are using 4G.

“It was one of the well organized CX events that I have attended. All the topics covered by keynote speakers and panel members were totally relevant to the real life challenges that we as CX leaders go through. Ameyo in a lot of insights and delivered great value to the audience by asking the right questions to panellists, and by engaging the audience throughout the discussion” – Imthiaz Ahmed, BlueStone

Sachin Bhatia – Founder, Ameyo had this to say about the event -“At CXM 2017, I got to interact with CX leaders. It is amazing how the focus on ‘experience’ has increased, and it is primarily driven by the fear of missing out or the fear of being disrupted. Omnichannel seems to be a buzz word which everyone cares about. However on the ground, very little has happened and there are pilots being run around that. Empowerment/ Enablement of the front line seem to be another consistent theme which can be a game changer.”

There is no denying the fact that mobile is the way forward for all businesses. This means all brands have to treat mobile as the primary mode for customer engagement – now and in the times to come. 



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