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How to shortlist the right industry events?

Working in the IT domain, I believe that it is increasingly important for companies to market their products and solutions to new opportunity areas. For this, industry events and programs have become an effective platform to promote, exhibit or create awareness for their offerings. While short listing the events, one should keep in mind some basic objectives such as:

  • Previous years’ footfall
  • Audience segments
  • The sponsors (previous and current)
  • Participation of prime competitors (which should make it all the more important for your company to participate)

Based on these criteria, one can categorize the numerous events as – customer-specific events, networking-specific events and events that can help in creating brand awareness among peers. Coming to the definition of these categories –

  • Customer-Specific Events are those that attract an audience which fulfill the necessary pre-conditions of being a prospect for a company. An event of this kind can bring-in direct business value as marketing of products/solutions reaches the right audience.
  • Networking-Specific Events draw business leaders from relevant companies to a single platform where they can communicate, indulge in brainstorming sessions and panel discussions related to products and market dynamics. Such events can be a great source of networking and enlighten leaders about the product/solution that one wishes to market.
  • Exhibitions and Showcasing Events enable one to create brand awareness through direct display of products or solutions.

With the event types, importance and objectives clear, the main task of gathering information on all events and actual short listing begins. The event info mining process takes you through various websites like linkedin and other social media platforms, websites of various industry associations and also on tech news portals. After gathering the details, it is important to register them into centralized event calendars for reference as well as execution.

But, is the job done post this? What about the right representation from the company? By representation I mean, networking events would require some senior management representative from your company; preferably the business head. Similarly, customer specific events where direct marketing is happening, good oratory skills are a must. For exhibitions, a blend of pleasing personality, marketing as well as sales skills would suffice.

With the above ‘To Do’s’ noted and done, you are ensuring a sustained presence of your company as well as offerings within the industry circles. Your business is reaching the right audience via the right platform.

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