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How Well Do you Know Your Customer? [Infographic]

How Well Do you Know Your Customer


One of the challenges for businesses today is to know who their target audiences are. Your customers’ habits can help you solve the enigma. The frequent and infrequent visits on your website, ebook and whitepaper downloads, responses to your forms and the contribution in your web traffic, etc. can help you better understand your customers and make better business decisions.

But eventually your customers wish that your business understood more about them, not just a better product but a better service as well. According to a research study, “Customers love personalization; they will gladly pay more for it.” And another research by McKinsey says that, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

Help Scout has designed an infographic, where you can see 10 studies that show the things your customers wish you knew about them.




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