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How your Startup can Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experience to Millennials [Infographic]


The new generation of customers is shaking things up in the customer service and communications front. Millennials’ customer experience expectations are shaped by the influence of online commerce, social media connectivity and search engines. They have grown up in a time where companies are sewing digital customer experience in the fabric of business strategies

They are becoming the largest demographic in the marketplace, only second to Baby-Boomers, with a spending power of over $10 trillion globally. The penetration of social media and other networking communities have made millennials vital carriers of business’s commercial message with buying pattern influences on other demographics. Their preferences and buying behaviour are increasingly bleeding into older generations that companies have now started to focus on millennial customer expectations.

This infographic from Provide Support throws light on how  millennials interact with brands and how companies can create excellent customer experience with millennials.How-to-Deliver-Excellent-Customer-Experience-to-Millennials



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