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Is Your Company Liked on Facebook?

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Social media marketing is an important tool which costs a fraction of what traditional strategies do. With 1.19 billion users and $5.1 billion in revenue, Facebook leads the pack. Twitter follows with 200 million active users and tie-ups with major TV networks and movies that allow viewers to check-in and comment live while viewing. This vast reach of social media is one of the innovative ways to promote.

The like and share button boom

The like and share buttons are present in around 7.5 million third-party websites. Clicks have increased by around 5% and the buttons are viewed by users more than 22 billion times per day. That is a staggering statistic. As an enterprise, the more clicks you generate on Facebook and other social media, the wider your reach.

Social media in APAC is at an exciting stage with increased internet mobility and widespread access to high-speed internet. Asia-Pacific along with Western Europe leads in clicking Like. Facebook revealed that 80% of their likes are from outside US and Canada, of which APAC and W. Europe generate about 21% traffic, each. As 83% of Facebook users are outside US, this statistic makes a lot of business sense.

Social media and customer service

In our earlier blog posts we have emphasized that increasing your online presence is the new marketing mantra. Social media is not only promotes but also encourages dialogue between different customers, helps them engage with companies, and provides an avenue for open communication. The quick responses also help resolve issues as soon as possible.

Even Facebook learned that listening to its users helps business. Through a rewards strategy they encourage users to find and report security flaws, bugs, and potential threats that may adversely affect the site. The aim is to quickly resolve issues so that it does not affect users because if users are affected then negative reviews will hamper revenues. For example, when a Facebook update was infringing on users privacy many accounts were closed. Since then, Facebook has carefully tread the thin line between customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Are you there yet?

Marketing assets like content influence customers and help companies build and sustain their reputation. Sharing customer-driven content helps in brand retention while client-driven content spreads relevant market and product data. Social media should therefore, be used extensively to advertise, address customer queries, resolve complaints, and to reward customers for their loyalty. Just like customers mention your company on their news feeds, posting shout outs to loyal customers will ensure that they feel special and cared for. Like regular users, post about special events, company milestones, daily activities, and about your employees. Instant reach allows customers to easily provide feedback and direct interactions with them are invaluable to your enterprise growth.

A robust contact center solution like Social Interaction Manager helps organizations harness the power of social media by enabling them to directly reach to customers and prospects alike. It transforms relevant social media engagements into result-oriented customer dialogues that promote a conducive environment for furthering sales. It enables smart routing of an issue to the right agent and works towards customer satisfaction.

So explore the limitless possibilities of social media and do it now! One like for your effort!

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