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Like Gladiators- Get out There and Do It!!!

Last Friday when I wanted to attend a stand up comedy event and had to pre-book the tickets through bookmyshow, I came across a payment option of redeeming Payback points by entering your phone number. Not knowing anything about Payback points, I thought to give it a try only to realize I had enough points to also sponsor tickets for the other 2 friends attending the event. Believe it or not, this feeling was nothing less than cracking the JEE.

By this write up, i want to emphasize on the little surprises that we come across every now & then, never realizing that we always had them just waiting to be grabbed.

Until recently I was a usual IT graduate with an year’s experience holding my fort good and concentrating on my work irrespective of the outside world, when I was introduced to a coding competition @ my workplace – Code Gladiators. Skeptical of the fact that this is going to eat my time, I chose to stay distant until I was forced into it by my colleagues. Given that almost 20 colleagues were appearing for it, I was elated to see myself featuring in the top 2 from my company going into the second round, which both me & Dilip were comfortably able to qualify and found ourselves in the final 60.

Well, let me tell you why this feeling was unusual.

Have you ever won a bicycle race with your best friend? That’s the feeling of victory.

Have you ever purposely got that test book signed from your father where you accidentally scored a 20/20? That’s the feeling of recognition.

These are the two highs that no other feeling can provide. Just imagine that these two clubbed in a single moment. That is where I was. Elated, exuberant and palpitating I reached the battleground and the final round began.

Honestly, I was not nervous for the fear of losing as I had never expected even to be there in the first place, but because I could not believe that I was there among the top 60. So many companies, such academic credentials, years of experience, industry-wide exposure were my competitors when I put myself to test. Boom, I got a perfect 200. Nailed it. Elated again. Looked at Dilip, he said 200. Nervous again.

Till, the results got out, I was that hapless kid we all used to know in school who cares about the results of the entire class but his own.

And now that I sit at my daily office cubicle, the world looks different. The sound of “Cheers Veere” after being recognized as the best coder gives me that drive, that zeal that i would want to achieve more.

I want to say that many a time, we come across new experiences, and the excitement and happiness we drive out of it makes us do it again. And again. Lets have the high of happiness and always have the hunger to achieve more.

The mantra is – Get out there & Do it. Nothing shall hold you back !!

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