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Multi-Channel Communication for Enhanced Customer Service


Agents should have access to all modes of communication with customer, making interaction easy with a single click.

Contact centers have learned that innovative solutions ensure increased customer satisfaction and user experience. Phones, fax, and e-mail are well-known media for the customer to get in touch with an agent. With advancement in technology and personalized information being made available at the click of a button, agents also need to be adept at handling customers. Therefore, all agents should have the latest technology to deliver better customer service and make outreach easy.

Multi-channel communication offers agents the flexibility to interact with customers using various media (phone, e-mail, chat, SMS, etc.) and these tools help companies maximize ROI while increasing customer satisfaction. When agents communicate through various channels, it drives higher response rates and ultimately, better business results. To attain these goals, companies must implement a next generation Contact Center Solution to ensure a better customer experience.
With barely any extra hardware needed, these communication channels save cost and reaffirm customers that the company cares for them. For example, if a customer posts a query about your company on a social media forum like Twitter, and one of your agents responds to the query and helps in problem resolution, it boosts your company’s image. Not only will the existing customer (and even potential ones) think that you care about each and every issue, they will also be thankful for resolving the issue. And they will post more about the company on more social media.
This small response can thus lead to a chain of events that benefit your company and boost sales, ultimately.


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