Omnichannel Vs Multichannel Contact Center: What’s best for your Business?


Customer support can make or break a brand’s relationship with their customers. With such stiff competition the companies cannot afford to be lousy about the their customer service experience as the market has evolved with the advancement in technology

What is a Multi-channel Contact Center?

When a contact center offers more than two channels for the customer interaction, it is known as a multi-channel contact center.


What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Just like its counterpart, an omnichannel contact center also supports more than two communication channels for customer support. The difference being that the omnichannel contact center offers a holistic view of the customer’s journey across these channels. Thus, helping in maintaining the context of the conversation.
Phone, social media (Facebook, Twitter, VIBER, etc), email, chat, WhatsApp – all are there in an omnichannel contact center. And the best part is, irrespective of the channel through which the customer/prospect tries to contact the business, they will have a consistent experience. Also, since the context is preserved, which essentially means the agents have access to all the information pertaining to the customer’s journey and previous conversations, they are in a better position to have contextual qualified conversations.

Making the Choice

Many might assume that omni-channel is the way to go. But honestly, making this decision is tough. Many factors come into play while deciding  on the best contact center solution for your business. Some of them being:

  • Scale of Business

If you are a startup with limited capital and lesser customer base then you would probably go for a multi-channel call center setup. As opposed to an enterprise with deep pockets, for whom omnichannel setup will make more sense.

  • Need to Self-serve

When self-service is important for your customers then omni channel customer solutions are a better choice. The customers can get their queries resolved via a self-service IVR or use a knowledge base to browse through the FAQs or interact with a voicebot or a chatbot. In such a situation, having an omnichannel solution allows you to seamlessly integrate with other CRMs or third-party systems to ensure the conversation is easily transferred to a live agent in case the bot is stuck somewhere.

There is always an option of starting with a multichannel setup and then moving onto an omnichannel cloud contact center solution as your business grows and you have sufficient resources.

If you do decide to go for omnichannel customer support, Ameyo has got you covered.


  • Customer support executives can view details of all the channels like phone call, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, Chat, etc on a single screen
  • The executives an also sort the interactions (tickets) based on how critical they are
  • Since Ameyo integrates with all the major CRM and third-party systems check out the list of integrations), you can seamlessly integrate to have better conversations

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