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Positive Phrases and Words that can Help to Increase Customer Satisfaction


The primary outcome that people in customer service oriented BPOs care about is customer satisfaction. It comes before everything else, and is the core around which the entire operation is constructed. Without customer satisfaction, customer service oriented BPOs tend to become obsolete.

Regardless of the processes and workflows in place, the thing that can make or break customer satisfaction is the way in which a customer service executive interacts with them. Considering this, scripts are absolutely integral to BPOs, because they need to help customers solve problems while also being pleasant and, most importantly, empathetic. What’s the easiest way to make that happen? By peppering your script with a few of these positive phrases and words.

  • Definitely: This word implies certainty and reassurance all at the same time. This assures the customer that you will look into their problem and find them a solution, which increases their confidence and faith in you. Make sure that you always offer a good solution when you use this word.
  • Absolutely: Like definitely, this is another word that inspires confidence within the customer, and can be used to your advantage. It’s best employed in response to a query: “Absolutely ma’am/ sir… (insert reassurance or affirmation of the task you will perform or the problem you will solve)”. This is also an effective word to use when you want to empathize with the customer. A simple, “Yes, I absolutely agree” will go a long way towards building goodwill.
  • Please: Never, ever forget to use this word every time you make a request.
  • That’s a good question: This phrase can be effective, especially when it is used as a reply to a particularly complex customer query. This phrase helps customers feel validated that their query does indeed require support.
    Often, contacting customer service can be frustrating for people because they feel that they ought to have been able to figure it out themselves. This sense of adequacy can often translate to difficult phone calls. By reassuring them that their query is indeed a difficult one, or a “good” one, you’ll be able to be more supportive and put them at ease.
  • This is a good choice: This phrase is to be employed when customers make choices on the phone with you. Not only will this offer reassurance, it will also let your customer know that you are engaged. This kind of rhetoric can be especially useful when upselling, so remember to use it then, and then thank them.
  • Thank you: This is an oldie, but a good one. It is also the one that tends to get used a lot. While thanking your customer is right, you can vary the phrase with “I’m grateful to you”, “I appreciate that”, and other variations. While thanking customers is rarely a bad idea, be wary of overusing the phrase or its substitutes because it can end up making you sound insincere.
  • We’ve had a lot of good feedback about this product: This is a good phrase to use when you’re trying to steer someone towards buying a specific product, or right after they buy something. The idea that multiple people have benefited from the service or product, and have felt strongly enough about it to offer good feedback; will reassure customers about their choice of product and increase customer satisfaction in the purchase.
  • With pleasure: This is a quick and easy response you can tack on to an answer when responding affirmatively to a customer who wants you to do something.
  • I’m happy to let you know about…: This is a useful phrase when the calling is taking longer than usual to resolve. This lets customers know that you are happy to remain with them and help them out.
  • I’m happy that I was able to assist you: This phrase, or a variation of it, must always be present when you are closing a call. It lets people know that they are a valued customer, which in turn increases customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction. Variations include “It’s been a pleasure speaking with you”, or “Thank you for being a great customer”.
  • Is there anything else I can help you out with: It does not matter how long or thorough the call has been, you should always end the call with this question. This paints you as someone who is willing to help out, and actively seeks to do so. This enables you to actually assist your brand’s image of being customer friendly.
  • Thank you for your patience: This is something that you should say at the end of calls that have actually required a lot from the customer. It may have been the nature of the issue, the complexity of the problem they are facing, the viability of the solution that you offer, or even the frustration of having a problem in the first place, but if your client had a difficult call, then always say this to them.Our list of words and phrases is not exhaustive, and sometimes, there are even industry and vertical specific phrases that are effective. However, this list does cover all the basics well and gives you a solid foundation. Use them liberally today and see the difference you make to individual client calls and overall client satisfaction in the long term.


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