Quick Checklist to Select the Right Predictive Dialer


Predictive Dialers have revolutionized the way contact centers perform outbound calling campaigns. With the predictive dialers, manual and tiring process in call centers is now fully automated and efficient. Predictive dialer technology has enabled contact centers to witness exemplary growth in sales, profits, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. This led to an array of predictive dialer platforms flooding the industry and with so many call center dialers, it becomes difficult for businesses to choose the right predictive dialer software that completely fits their requirement.
Predictive dialer serves different business use cases, and in this post, we are going to take a look at what a Predictive Dialer is, and what to look for while selecting the one for your contact center.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialer is an automated dialing system that automatically calls a certain selected list of numbers simultaneously while routing connected calls to available agents. On the assumption that not all calls will be connected, predictive dialers use statistical algorithms to slow down or speed up the call rates based on connected calls, average call time, average wrap-up time, available agents, available lines, and other statistical data. This reduces agent waiting time and call drop ratio significantly.

The Checklist to Select the Right Predictive Dialer

With an abundance of predictive dialer options in the market, choosing the right one is not an easy task. But to make your lives easier, we have compiled a quick checklist of predictive dialer features to ensure you do not miss out on any must-have features that your business needs.

Multiple Campaign Management

Outbound Contact centers have multiple campaigns running simultaneously across various processes, so it is imperative to have a predictive dialer software that supports multiple campaign management without any inhibitions. An efficient predictive dialer gives you the control to execute and manage different campaigns and track the results of each campaign in a comprehensive reporting module. You can easily manage your outbound campaigns dedicated to a product launch, payment reminder, sales, and collections.

Easy CRM Integration

All the contact information is stored in the CRM and when an agent is talking to a contact, easy and quick access to the related contact information would give a context to drive the better conversation. Thus, predictive dialer software, having the capability to seamlessly integrate with the CRM systems display relevant and concise customer context on the agents’ screen for their perusal. With this integration, agents can view customer’s profiles, previous interactions, tickets, and more in one interface.

Answering Machine Detection

Predictive dialers call one number after another and some of them end up on an answering machine. Wasting time leaving voicemails eats the precious time of your call center agents. Efficient predictive dialers can determine whether a call is answered by a person or an answering machine. If the call is answered by a machine, the dialer will not route the call to the agent rather will skip the call after leaving a pre-recorded message. This significantly reduces the idle time between the calls, thus increasing agents’ productivity.

Clear Call Dispositions

Predictive dialers use predefined call dispositions to save agents’ time and standardize the calling process, by helping agents to update the final outcome of the call. Disposition codes are descriptions of the call outcome which are reflected in the contact’s profile and call logs. For instance, various disposition codes could be labeled as “Call Initiated”: “Busy”, “Answering Machine”, “Disconnected”, “Issue Resolved”, “Call Back”, etc.  This also helps the supervisor to take a quick stock of the call log lists to know the exact outcome of the calls.
Agents can also select the “Schedule Callback” as a disposition to schedule a callback at the customer’s preferred time. Agents will be reminded of these callbacks 10 minutes prior to the call, helping them prepare for it.

Pacing Algorithm Customization

Predictive dialers use certain logics or algorithms to determine the dialing pace. To maximize agent productivity and reduce idle time, a predictive dialer algorithm should alter dialing pace based on past interaction history and profile of customers. This is achieved by configuring dialing rules in the platform, which adjusts the pacing ratio depending upon the various scenarios like the number of agents available to take calls, number of connected calls per dialed numbers at a given time.
If you are evaluating a predictive dialer solution for your call center don’t miss to tick off the above stated must-have features from your checklist to select the best call center dialer for your business.