Quintessential features of CRM that businesses look for


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relation Management (CRM), has gained popularity to a great extent as it is widely being used by businesses of all sizes. There used to be a time when CRM was thought to be a technology used only by large enterprises. However, lately small enterprises too have realized that CRM can be a handy tool for them to manage details, interactions with customers, clients and also to handle sales prospects. A CRM can be customized according to the business needs of the firms, it’s operation can be expanded from contact management capabilities, customer relationship management etc.One therefore need to assess the options to determine the solution that will cater to his/her business requirements.

Here are certain features that businesses of all sizes look for in a CRM:

i. Single centralized solution: Garnering, entering and tracking data stored in various systems may become an uphill task. Here, the right CRM solution plays as catalyst by doing everything that will untangle the mess of data collection from disparate systems. This empowers managers to keep themselves abreast of all activities. The advantage of such solutions is that it unifies data about your clients and customers that are strewn across multiple applications and systems. This makes it apparent that you save a lot time by easily collecting data with the help of a single centralized CRM.

ii. Establish consistency: A very big advantage you can have from a CRM solution is that it establishes consistency. It helps in setting up targets, notification reminders and emails after every action. It also makes it easier for managers and supervisors to gauge all activities and actions. As already mentioned, CRMs are easily customizable, you can integrate them according to your convenience and work preferences. This integration enables everyone in the team to view and harness the data and work without any hassle.

iii. Get the right customer contacts: Sales representatives cannot afford to waste time looking for the right customers to be connected to. With a CRM you can you can empower your sales staff to instantly collect data in a short span of time. The solution provides you with details that helps them connect to the right customers. By being able to connect to these customers, they can instantly run their email campaigns and close deals within the given deadline.

iv. Helps you get social: Getting social in businesses have become imperative now. Hence, find a CRM that will allow you to be a part of the social media helping you to determine new market needs, hear your customers and learn about different accounts. When we speak about social media, we are talking about platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which empower you to be specific and relevant in your business approach.

v. Take decisions: A robust CRM solution offers appropriate reports that enables business to carry out its operations smoothly. This leads to efficient measurement as well as sharing of data and other metrics that are essential to your business. Besides this, it becomes easy for everyone to receive information required which is in a legible graphical format. This clearly means that you get access to the nitty-gritties of your data.

Businesses small and large, require an agile technology that has the capability to manage interaction with clients and customers to ensure long-term success. So what is your call on CRMs?