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Reducing Agent Attrition

When it comes to any industry to achieve breakthroughs, it is heavily inclined towards its agents. An agent, with his utmost devotion works for the organization which in return fetches name, fame and prosperity to it. Therefore, there is no doubt that an agent is an important aspect for an organization. However, inspite of this, agent attrition has become a rife in the corporate world. Work pressure, non-competitive salaries, lack of proper training, unsatisfactory work ambience have been some of the reasons leading to attrition soar high. Companies incur significant dollars, time and resources in training the employees. Hence, it has been realized that the need of the hour is to grip the attrition rate and restore its smooth operation.

The following steps will be helpful in curbing attrition:
Agent satisfaction: Organizations should plan out frequent agent satisfaction assessments. It is important to understand that a satisfied customer will be a windfall for his organization. It therefore has to take the initiative of learning on how agents can be satisfied. The assessment should be conducted off and on which will enable the agents address their complaints and dissatisfactions. A resentful agent will not put his endeavors in his work because he is not content. A manager or a senior personnel should spare time for an agent listening to his grievances and planning out solutions to them.
Perform pre-hire screening: An organization has to keep in mind that the recruits hired are fit enough to suit the demand of the job. The latter should be briefed on the work profile which he would execute once shortlisted. Using assessment tools such as skill tests, communication test, personality test etc. will allow the recruiters hire an efficient and capable candidate.
Amusing work ambience: When an agent sets off to work, he is aware of the tasks, accomplishments, work pressure and other engagements to be executed. Prolonged exposure to stress and strains withdraw an agent from putting in his best in the work. To pep him up, there should be fun activities conducted off and on. All the agents should be inspired to participate and create an entertaining environment at the work place.
Awards and appreciations: Agents naturally love to work when they are recognized and appreciated for their performance. Hence, it is important that companies and organizations set an award system to keep them inspired. Employees who are respected for their abilities and contributions, are more likely to be happy thereby, swabbing aside the risk of attrition. Recognition for their endeavors will inspire them to achieve their desire to excel.
Appropriate training system: Agents like themselves to be tested on their abilities and skills. A company should therefore offer appropriate and clear career pathways, metrics that need to be met, and proficiency required to achieve levels. The performance of the employees should be evaluated after a proper and a meticulous training. The career goals should be discussed with the agent to give him a coherent picture of the companys targets.


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