Social selling – The New Weapon you need to Revolutionize Business [Infographic]


Social selling is a fresh and an untapped weapon which an agent can’t afford to miss keeping in their quiver. To reap maximum benefits, modern sales have to go parallel with social selling. According to a research, 78% of sales reps using social media outsell their peers.

Customers, especially Millenials are hooked to tech advancements and it is not possible to sway them through cold calling or texting, which usually go unpicked or un-noticed. For every piece of information, customers don’t seek any live agent, they prefer doing their own research via social sites, app feedbacks and other new sources of information.

By now, it must be clearly stated why social selling plays an imperative role in a rep’s work life. For a detailed look, follow the infographic by Salesforce below that gives you a complete guide on social selling.beginners-guide-to-social-selling-1-638