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Socializing for better Customer Experience


Socializing for better Customer Experience

When a customer reaches out to your contact center, whether this is for a order booking or for support queries, they want to be served immediately. The old adage of “Customer is King”, stands even truer in the current business scenario.

No one wants to wait in queue, not even your customers. If there is something urgent, something that needs to be resolved, it has to be done immediately. If not, then your customer will have a bad experience and may just jump ship your nearest competitor who is circling around for blood.

Gone are the days when people would happily wait to get connected to someone, today everything moves at lightning speed, everyone multi-tasks. A customer would most likely call for service or make a purchase while they are watching television, even while commuting.

Customers want multiple touch-points, more than that they want immediate service. Â While most contact centers would add multiple channel communication such as SMS, E-Mail and even Chat to their arsenal, this is not enough.

Social Media is rapidly becoming a centralized platform for communication, messages are sent instantly, anyone can track feeds and the best part is it is a peer network. Anytime someone wants to know more about a product, ask for advice it is as simple as typing a status message.

Good Customer Experience is reliant on providing the best service to the customer when he needs it and a Contact Center that intelligently leverages Social Media will have gone a long way to ensure this. Solutions like Ameyo Social Interaction Manager brings the power of Social Media to Contact Centers, with the ability to track and post across Social Media platforms from a single sign-on, Contact Center agents would be able to interact with customers and resolve any queries immediately, hence ensuring good Customer Experience and transforming customers into brand loyalists.


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