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The Cubiclenamah

The Cubiclenamah
Paper pins and markers are primarily the two weapons of my choice to kill time, when stuck in a meeting of which I have no clue about. Make no mistake ladies and gents they work every time and give me as much time as possible to think of the vast unknown.

One such random idea is what we are running short of? (Definitely not time it seems). We are running short of everything in the world (everything that matters at least!) money, fossil fuels, animals, water even air (have they plugged the hole in the ozone layer?).
There is a NASSCOM report lying on my desk which has contact center technology written over it in ‘Tarantino’ font. So what are contact centers and enterprises running out of? Human resources and effective technology my fellow cubiclists, is the answer. How do you keep your skilled agents once you have got’em? By offering them a nice cubicle and making their life simpler.
Technology plays a key role here for example: you want coffee vend it from a machine; don’t go looking for pots and pans, life’s simpler. Similarly you are a contact center which caters to inbound processes, outbound processes sometimes even spacebound processes and so customer satisfaction for you is a complex game. Cubiclewallah’s advice: take a good hard look at your chosen contact center technology my friend, is it making life simpler or have you just gotten yourself a Jugaad? (Indian for a short term fix).
The idea if you aren’t as big as NASA, is to find the middle path to technology nirvana. A good, robust technology platform which does not land a crater in your technology spends budget but is not a jugaad either. With the proper technology your agents smile more often make your customer’s smile more often and you are one big happy family!
How do you think the Jabongs and Inkfruits and the other e commerce players work, yes no prizes for guessing good communication technology. Psst !! Cubiclewallah’s inside information – They both use the same technology platform and it works. So what else are you running out of? Hair, friends, good advice, put on your thinking caps and lookout for this space for ideas and thoughts that will one day change the world…..

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