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The Invention of Future Technologies


The legendary Apple vs. Microsoft battle is over. There is no clear winner either, as Google Android proved. The choice was simply the customers. What they wanted boosted the advancement of technology, and the fierce race to come out with smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart laptops, and even smart television. The last few years have been very exciting with respect to the innovation and scientific discovery we have made. We discovered the God particle, after all.

At Drishti-Soft, we regularly test engineering capabilities and promote the creation of new software products to drive our brand. We strive to better communications with the best in contact center software. We innovate, develop, and create. Innovation, after all, is very important to any entrepreneur, engineer, housewife, student, teacher, and even parents. So here, we thought of some crazy ideas and hope that they come true.

  1. Self filling water bottle: Imagine leaving the house with an empty water bottle, putting it under the sun for a while so that the tiny fan on the lid converts the oxygen and hydrogen in the air into water? This technology will probably see the light of the day with a Boston-based company, NBD Nanotechnologies, claiming that they can create water through condensation in the air by using solar panels, special coatings, and a fan. The technology holds a lot of promise in desert areas where water is more precious than gold and as freshwater sources get rarer.

  2. Hyperloop Travel: When Elon Musk proposed his hyperloop theory, the world wanted to believe that it could be done. The high-speed mode of transportation is an elevated, reduced-pressure tube that contains pressurized capsules driven within the tube by a number of linear electric motors. The hyperloop hopes to reach speeds averaging 960 kmph and a top speed of 1,220 kmph. Imagine zipping through traffic while cars wait below. I can almost hear the glee in my voice.

  3. Homes on Mars: If Earth becomes uninhabitable, no worries. We always have Mars, the Red Planet. Space travel is being made more affordable and the Mars Rover and India’s own Mars Orbiter Mission are investigating the possible living conditions. But humans are resilient and we terraform so living on Mars is no big deal. However, NASA’s Voyager 1, which went beyond the solar system this August, will probably discover more habitable solar systems in our galaxy.

  4. Real dinosaur adventure park: If the governments are keeping dinosaurs under wraps, the Jurassic Park movies are probably the reason why. Still, we would all like to see how the dinosaurs lived on Earth and maybe even ride on one of them, like in The Flintstones cartoons.

  5. Chips packets with 90% chips and 10% air: Probably too much to ask for considering that all chips manufacturers have been doing that since 1990s. Old habits die hard.

  6. Disaster alert system: This one is an absolute necessity to avoid disasters like the tsunami which hit Japan and almost brought on a nuclear disaster. Natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and floods bring a lot of destruction. If a system could accurately predict such incidents, at least people could be evacuated to a safe place.

  7. World peace machine: This one should be on the wishlist of every military leader and nation head. With more peace, humanity will have a better chance of survival. Just like a gun, point and shoot peaceful sentiments on your enemies and experience a long period of harmony.

Of course, all these technologies are in development (though a machine for peace is more human than technology), and will take a long time to fully develop and be feasible for mass production. Till then, let’s all appreciate the imaginative human mind which has led to some truly great inventions so far and which will keep on inventing till the end.


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