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The Relevance of Omnichannel Capabilities in the Mobile Context


A latest buzz with respect to the functioning of contact centers is the “Omnichannel” interaction. Though many owners of business are aware that it is an important aspect for them to implement in their contact centers, there are still quite a few who are yet to appreciate its capabilities. Therefore, they could even be losing their valuable customers because of this reason. What is even worse is that there are businesses who claim that they are offering Omnichannel capabilities without even fully realising the meaning.

Defining Omnichannel

Omnichannel denotes a consistent message and relationship across various channels. It is a technique that joins the dots between every available channel. It also tries to explain how two or more channels can be simultaneously used for their own purpose. For example, in case when you have logged on with a coupon or rewards site using your mobile phone and thereafter, showed the discount offered while checking out at a retail store, you have been a part of the Omnichannel interaction. The task of consistently and seamlessly delivering a unified experience across a multitude of channels is not an easy job.

However, it is a proven fact that companies can use a well-implemented Omnichannel marketing scheme to improve their customer loyalty.

Aberdeen group had conducted a research that demonstrated companies which made use of an Omnichannel strategy had a significant year-on-year improvement in customer retention rates, as opposed to companies that decided not to adopt such an interaction. When the confusion that arises due to the use of various messages across many engagement channels is reduced in a contact center, it becomes an important attribute in order to increase profits and retain existing customers.


The present day customers are much more informed and plugged-in than that of past decades because of the tremendous advancements in information availability and technology. No wonder this connectivity has allowed more freedom of choice to customers. Customers can select the channels that are best suited for their exact requirements so that unique customer experience can be enjoyed. Such an experience can have a negative as well as a positive effect, while the customers interact within every channel. When a call center offers a platform for a multichannel customer service, it is the first key step to deliver a customized customer experience.

Omnichannel capability takes the experience a step ahead so that customers have an option to communicate in the same way as they do so with their peers. Therefore, switching different channels according to their wish without the need of starting the conversation all over again.

It is a strategy that enables customers to have their unique experience on their preferred channel and enjoying a similar experience when they interact within the same company via some other channel.

Customers’ personal information is linked with their contact history by an Omnichannel capability so that the same message for customer service can be provided across all the available channels. This eventually generates a positive experience which nurturs the relationship between a contact center and their customers.

Omnichannel does not Necessarily Refer to Every Channel

There are some business proprietors who have the wrong perception that an Omnichannel call center must have a strong presence on all possible channels. Now, this can be quite damaging for few organizations because precious resources are removed from crucial business operations and are deployed for establishing and running all those channels that no customer or employer specifically needs or wants. For instance, if you are operating a law firm, you may not require a profile on Instagram.

An actual Omnichannel interaction enables a customer to effortlessly switch between various self-service check-points and multiple agents, making use of various channels without the need of repeating the information.

Importance of Mobile Devices in Omnichannel Capabilities

With the convergence of the latest technology, applications have simply become more sophisticated. Networks are now providing more reliable and faster connections. That is why its not a surprise that mobile and hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones have become immensely powerful tools to interact with businesses. It is easy for customers to now establish a connection with the businesses via phones, live chatting platforms, comments on social media and SMS messages. In case Call Center Agents working remotely they can opt for the Mobile App based Call Center Solution.

For that, businesses have to be prepared to quickly respond to their customers’ preferred communication mode and also pick up the thread of their communication from the point it ended the previous time.


Empowering Customer Service Agents

Customer service agents should be adequately empowered so that multiple calls to different departments can be prevented for the same issue which can be inefficient for the contact center and can be highly frustrating for a caller.

Common issues are easy to identify by simply going through the customer surveys and feedback. Thereafter, tools for self-service are easy to create. This will also help in reducing the inbound calls to a call center, so that agents can devote extra time for customers with complex queries.


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