The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Retaining your First 100 Customers [FREE Ebook]



In the hyper connected world there is no golden bullet to serve customers. With the growth of business, it is the kind of service that sets the foundation for winning hearts of your prospective customers.

Many business leaders focus on better serving their prospects, thus aiming only towards the acquisition stage in their pipeline. According to a study done by Bain and Company, “the cost involved to attract new customers is seven times more than to retain the current ones.” And if you are able to retain a percent of your customers, the profit margins increase manifolds.

Thus, serving customers proactively even after the purchase is as important as serving them before their buying decision. In order to help you build a successful yet exciting retention plan, I have curated an ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Retaining your First 100 Customers.” The ebook will help you move your focus from acquisition to retention and at the same time to explore strategies which will provide a competitive edge to your business.

The ebook talks about customer acquisition and retention in the first few years of startup’s growth phase. Also, the fact that onboarding process for new customers is one of the major determinator of the future growth for any business has been precisely explained. Startups see a major growth in its first year but their graph sees a negative slope from second year due to challenges faced by them. We have also highlighted few of the top challenges that startups face and how they can leverage customer interaction platform to survive in the competitive environment. You will also learn:

> Why customer onboarding is of critical importance for startups
> Challenges being faced by startups and ways to tackle them
> How customer interaction technology can help in customer retention