Tips to build a customer-centric contact center


Customer-centric contact center

Contact Centers as well as other enterprises focus on customer-centricity. Before we proceed with the fundamental ingredients required to build a customer-centric contact center, lets first understand what the term means. What is customer-centricity? Customer-centricity is the procedure of placing valuable customers at the center of any business or operation. Steps are taken after a proper thought about the impact it would have on customers. Since, contact centers are well known to be providing assistance to customers, they imperatively continue to clinch on to these metrics and practices that perform a great deal to elevate the satisfaction level of today’s savvy customers.

Here are some of the fundamental tips that your contact centers may follow to create customer-centricity in their organisations:

a. Listen to your customers: In order to offer the best services to your customers and understand their needs, you need to listen to them. Listening to the customers have become paramount as your customers might lose their interest in dealing with you if they feel they are not heard. For efficiently doing this, you need to invest on good technologies so that you get the desired result and also gratify your customers. A robust call recording system will do wonders through which you can limitlessly record the conversations between agents and customers. Another tool that will help you in the strategy is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which manages all call details about your customers.

b. Satisfied agents: To ensure that your customers are happy, you need to make sure your agents are happy. Satisfying customers without satisfied agents is not possible. There exists an irrefutable fact that tells us how miserable customers could be made if agents are not made happy. Agent engagement has become a buzzword and besides contact centers taking care to satisfy customers, they also ensure agent’s gratification. Recognising their efforts and rewarding them accordingly will make them feel valued and appreciated. This will propel them to perform consistently and deliver their best.

c. First-Call Resolution: One of the powerful methods to create customer-centricity is through the First Call Resolution (FCR). Customer satisfaction ratings tend to shoot upwards as compared to the second call made regurgitating the same issue. Therefore, contact centers must take care to keep an eye on this strategy and provide agents with appropriate training which will help them in solving customer queries and concerns.

d. Social Media: Customers are impatient and tend to divert their interest where they are not assured instant services. They expect organisations to respond promptly to their entreaties, comments and grievances often posted in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Hence, contact centers should train their agents to be sociable as well as harness the power of an advanced social media tool. This makes it easy for agents to interact with customers and offer them with proactive assistance.

So, is your contact center customer-centric?