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/tmp: A Seven-Day Technology Marathon and a Life-Changing Experience

Sleepless nights and a 7-day marathon Sleepless nights and a 7-day marathon

Sleepless nights, odd meal hours or maybe just one brunch a day that experience of comfort even when you realize you were actually sleeping on a chair while people were clicking awkward pictures of you to post on Facebook and pull a long trail of scoffing comments just for fun; and still all of this not percolating even a bit into the subconscious in the wake of what one has to deliver. YES, this is my version of definition of /tmp as I have seen the teams living that passion day in and day out.

Since graduating from college this was the first time ever, when I saw this kind of dedication, commitment, and teamwork gunned towards achieving the impossible. Now, I am not much of a technical guy but whatever little understanding I have, I believe there is no way anyone can witness an entire product development cycle in just seven days. When I was in IT sales, the scoping part itself used to take weeks, but here these teams pulled through the entire development cycle in just about a week’s time. Only one word for such power-packed effort AMAZING!!!

As a member of the marketing team taking care of company’s social media, Pushpesh and I were covering the event. The kind of cooperation and support we got from these teams was absolutely phenomenal, to say the least. Despite the pressure of the deadline, they were generous enough to share their enthusiasm with us.

It was surprising to note that when the participants were asked to speak about their experience at /tmp, they narrated it flawlessly on camera, as a seasoned actor would do. It was also pretty exciting to hear from the CTO that next years /tmp will be many folds bigger and even more challenging. If the level of innovation in this years event was this amazing, I cant wait to see what happens in the next edition!

In the end I would congratulate all the teams for their wholehearted effort. Winning and losing doesn’t matter. What matters is that you all were worthy competitors and gave each other a tough competition. After all, it is only when the iron is heated and beaten in a furnace, it becomes THE REAL STEEL!

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