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/tmp: Mid-Week Madness and Battle Plans

Tmp_poster_2 /tmp: Mid-Week Madness and Battle Plans
When /tmp started on Saturday, we had no clue of how crazy we would all be in just a matter of days. The second edition of /tmp is already on its way to beat last year’s event with regards to midnight brainstorming, madness quotient, and most importantly the race to make the winning product. With our eyes on the prize, it is a battle and a test of will.

As you know, every battle needs strategy, and each day we strategize and formulate battle plans. To utilise time, we create a work plan the previous evening for the next day. This way, when the team comes in early in the morning, they know where to start from, and they get to work immediately. No moment is wasted. No second is lost.

As one of the catalysts this year, I am leading a team which is as restless as it is talented and driven. It has been three days since we have been working on the product idea, and we spend all our time to refine it further. The team is discussing the idea and what to do even when we go for meals. All our breaks now are filled with unending and lively discussions of our “product”.

It is also incredible to see the bonding in the team. Everyone is working together like one and ideas are constantly flowing and improvements being made. The way every single team member is dedicated to the idea is a testament to their commitment.

It is unbelievable how /tmp has taken over everything! The discussions have been so intense for the past few days that everyone forgot that it was my birthday on Wednesday! It took them at least an hour to realise that, but then they made up for it with the wishes and the cake.

I admit that there is apprehension on whether we will make the deadline, but it only reinforces my commitment and enthusiasm to work harder for the cause. Everyone is hoping to win the shining trophy on display. Who will succeed? Three more days and we shall know. Till then, I wish all the teams, good luck. Get ready for battle!

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