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The Contact Center industry has grown immensely in the past few years. Many businesses are outsourcing their processes for more productive and cost-efficient services provided by companies. Countries like India and Philippines have benefitted from this shift and there is an abundance of technology that has been innovated from the requirements of various businesses.Recently there has been an event organized in Gurgaon by technology leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Nuance Communications, Sangoma Technologies and Voice & Data Magazine. Being part of the organizing company of the event, I was fortunate enough to attend the round table discussion and take in some insights on the trend of voice technology.

The discussion, needless to say was very interesting. Various points came up during the technological discussion about the emergence of data traffic such as facebook, chat and messaging. Among many examples cited out during the event, one that I could easily recall is A mother calling a hospital about her sick child at home, the same message cannot be communicated through text.
Connecting the dots from the event I think Voice technology has innovated along with businesses and provided creative solutions such as ProActive Connect Enhancer and Agent Assisted IVR to various requirements. Both technologies were initially conceptualized for Collections and Survey processes.

Both of them may have a birth idea, as we all know technology has a mind of its own and throughout the event many ideas popped up on other useful solutions and their applicability to businesses. The event discussed on the aspects of data and voice technologies, however, voice ruled the night and it seems that it will remain on the forefront for some time to come.

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