Top 3 reasons for your customers to hate your Contact Center


Everyone knows contact centres to be a one stop for receiving information and getting their queries and doubts answered. If you happen to step into a contact center to see how the real environment is, you will find the agents stuck to their phones or headsets, putting in all of their efforts to provide assistance to customers. However, inspite of the contact centers maneuvering to offer the best of services to the customers and keeping them gratified, there are still more cases and instances of customer complaints and grievances.

It has been found that many customers tend to get infuriated when it comes to making calls in the contact centers. The reason could be many but most often customers are seen to have problems with agents. Lets see the three of the biggest reasons about which customers often crib
i. Automated IVR- Contact Centers use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a medium to answer to the queries of the customers. Information on subjects such as  account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, flight timings and promotional schemes etc are most often provided through the IVRs. However, the method seems to be disliked by many customers. They wish to communicate with an agent rather than machines. At times, the poorly designed machines propel customers to turn impatient by making them wait in queues for a long time. This leads them to hang up the call. The frustrated customers then switch to social media to jot down their complaints. Any sort of complaint in social media proves disastrous for companies as lot of other people also get to know about the bad service offered.
ii. Longer wait time- Most of the times you will hear customers grumbling about being on hold for a long time and then the call getting disconnected automatically. The frustration level of the customers in such a situation is immeasurable when he has wasted his precious time seeking for an agent assistance and which does not happen. Imagine a situation when a passenger has to inquire about his balance transfers in an emergency situation and he is put in a queue. What will be his reaction? He will swear on the agent and decide to withdraw his business deals with the company. Customers, as we now are irritable and do not want their time to be wasted. Therefore contact centres should take steps to diminish the wait time and enhance customer satisfaction.
iii. To speak to multiple agents: How exasperating it is when you have just explained an agent about your problem and at the end you get to hear that the call needs to transferred to some other agent. This means you will have to regurgitate the situation all over again to make the second agent understand your problem. This often occurs when the initial agent does not possess the ability to resolve the problem. Â This can be solved if the initial agent outlines the problem to the second agent before escalating the problem. Doing so will prevent the tedious task of repeating the problem from the scratch and also avoid the customer from losing his temper.
Now that you have a clue of some of the reasons that may vex customers, what do you think are the reasons for your customers getting infuriated with your contact centre?