Top 5 reasons for using web chats in contact centers


Web Chats in Contact Centers

With contact centers finding out more ways to deliver customers with the best services and offerings, web chats are yet another channel being chosen by them. In today’s world, where being fast and easy is paramount, the ability to chat on web with a live person is a standout feature.

So, lets see how to get the best out of webchats:

i Reduce phone calls: Contact center agents are best known for sticking with their headphones and attending calls. There comes a time when agents are tired of attending calls and crib about it. Similarly, customers complaining about long wait time has been perennial. There have been many ways and technologies found out to deal with the same. Despite of all these processes, it is the web chat that seems to have taken a significant place at contact centers due to its ability to offer instant responses to their queries. Customers type their queries over a chat to which they get a prompt reply. This has significantly brought down the call rates and liberated contact centre agents from the hassle of sticking to headphones for hours.

ii Reduces cost: Web chat has become mandatory as the customers find it trustworthy and reliable due to human involvement. It also saves time as there is no waiting for the customers and is cost efficient for the contact centers. Web chat implementation reduces expenditure involving total cost of ownership. A web chat is preferred owing to various advantages for both the agents and the customers. No matter how developed a technology is, man being a social animal, is inclined towards direct communication like web chat.

iii. Enhance customer support: Another advantage of deploying web chat is that it has excellent features of real time communication and Real time chats. With real time chat, agents are empowered to interact directly with the customers thereby provide them with high level of support. Likewise, multiple chats and messages keep the agents alert. The entire chat is further kept for future references.

iv. Traceability: Contact centres tend to spend a significant amount of time in tracing back the recorded telephone calls and conversations. This is time consuming as one has to also listen to them. However, with the live chat texts, the capability to gather conversations becomes easy and does not consume much time.

v. Receive customer feedbacks: There is no more waiting for your emails to be answered by your customers asking them if they have been satisfied with the assistance offered. With web chats, your agents get an instant feedback from the customers. These feedbacks empower your contact centers to strive to improve the services incase of complaints and grievances.

Learning about the advantages of Web Chats, what is your take on it?