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Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Multi-Channel Platforms in Real Estate


 Real Estate is one industry which requires a lot of investment and if you do not reach out to maximum number of prospective customers, you will not be able to get those investments. Advertising through newspapers and media, and marketing through flyers and brochures may not be enough to reach out to people all over the world. That is why today you will find channels like digital marketing which has enabled lots of businesses to reach upto maximum number of consumers around the world.

Plus, through a few techniques in digital marketing you can also determine the traffic and quantify your results. For those who don’t have an online presence, you will still need the traditional marketing channels like Radio, Television and Newspaper.

Multi-channel platform is what you need to leverage in real estate if you want to deliver exceptional customer service. Here, you are basically providing many platforms for the customers to get in touch with you. These include both direct as well as indirect channels. Also, through this, you are giving your customer a choice regarding the communication channel he/she chooses to get in touch with you. For instance, in real estate, you may have your website for indirect communication and you may also have an office where you can meet your potential clients. This way, a customer can either choose to browse through your website, email you, get a catalogue mailed to him, or even visit your office. The more number of channels you provide to your prospective customers, the more are the chances of sales. The key lies in making every customer’s journey easy and convenient.

Why Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing comes with its own set of challenges. However, it does have a lot of advantages that will help you become successful in achieving your goal. If you still ask why you should go for multi-channel marketing, here are a few reasons:

  • Providing multi-channel platforms to your customers makes you omnipresent. Wherever you may be, you are still very much accessible to your customers. You can provide customer support through various channels like live chats on your website, social media platforms, mobile apps and phone calls, emails or even visits to your office. Customers will feel secure that you are available for them 24/7 and as a result, your business will improve remarkably.
  • Multi-channel marketing gives you the power to reach out to maximum number of customers, who may be even at the remotest part of the world. This means your brand will have better exposure, which will give you a good edge over your competitors.
  • Multi-Channel marketing helps you integrate two or more channels to reach your goal. Although this might require a bit of research, once you come up with channels that you can put together, you will be able to use them for as long as you want.
  • Once you go multi-channel it makes you communicate with your customers in the best way possible. In fact, you can give them a choice to use their preferred device to get in touch with you. And if you are prompt with your feedbacks, you can reach great heights in customer service.
  • It has been proved that multi-channel customers end up buying three to four times more than what single-channel customers buy. This proves that you can improve your sales remarkably by offering multi-channel platforms to your customers.

Providing multi-channel platforms for your customers does help you go a long way in real estate. However, your success will always depend upon how effectively you manage these channels and how efficient you are in creating consistent customer experiences across all these channels.


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