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A to Z of Must Know Call Center Terms

We have all become accustomed to using abbreviations in our lives. Sometimes, even without knowing their meanings. This holds true - both in our professional and personal lives. But, when you are working in an industry where knowing the meaning and not just the abbreviations is important, you just cannot afford to slip up.

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Important Call Center Metrics to Measure Success

As a call center manager, you are responsible for meeting team goals and meeting the expectations of the management. To do that, it is important to identify the metrics that are relevant to your industry and the organization.

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8 Effective Call Center Improvement Strategies for Improving Call Centers

People often complain that dealing with a call center is not a very pleasant experience. This is not surprising - customer demands have significantly increased with the onset of the digital age, and your call center is going to need to keep up or risk losing customers in the long run.

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30 Must Know Call Center Terminologies

You might not want to agree, but in our daily lives, we use abbreviations and terminologies without knowing their proper meaning or usage. Other times, we might be familiar with the terms, but fail to realize that person we are speaking to might be clueless with those words. In a call center, having in-depth knowledge about call center jargon is critical for agent success.

And in the end of it all, it is surely not great to deem these call center terminologies as jargon - especially in the contact center industry and the world of customer serviceTo counter this rather awkward experience, we have tried to simplify these contact center jargons and provide a comprehensive understanding with proper definitions about common call center terminologies and some jargons that are commonly useed in the call center industry and work environment.

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The 7 Golden Rules of Call Center Agent Training

Adding young talent might be an edgy situation for a call center because few recruitment rounds cannot determine a candidate’s efficiencies and abilities. Despite the fact, new agents are repeatedly hired by call centers. To expel the chance of a risk, inexperienced reps are given training, by their respective managers before introducing them to the clients.

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10 Ways to Reduce Call Center Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement

Cramped in a cubicle for 9-10 hours a day, leashed to a desktop, answering calls of angry and frustrated customers, and getting paid $10/hour is not exactly a lucrative profile. While not every call center fits the description above, many do. Call center agents and employees have high rates of burnout, poor performance, turnover and many ask why.

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Top 5 Challenges Call Center Managers Face Today


Call centers are possibly the world’s toughest work environment, and there might be a few agents and managers that might term it as a living hell. Having to deal with frustrated callers, strict work schedules, penny-pinching management and super-high expectation don’t make it easier for them. To work in a call center as a manager can be very stressful, to say the least. As any manager will tell you - call center management is not for the weak hearted! 

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