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Voice Broadcasting to Boost Sales


By investing a bit more in collecting and collating data for your CRM, you can hit the right customer segment, advertise your product effectively, and convert leads into sales. Highly efficient next generation predictive dialing technology gives you the capability to translate your well spent money on people, resources, and infrastructure into generous profits.

But let us talk about another very effective outbound campaign: the Broadcast Dialer.

Why the Broadcast Dialer?

Also known informally as the Voice Blast, it is an innovative, mass communication technique which allows contact centers to send hundreds or thousands of phone calls instantly and simultaneously. The solution sends a prerecorded message to thousands of phones from a targeted dialing list. The intelligent metrics it runs on enables contact centers to conduct effective communication across a large network within the short span of time.

Effectiveness of Broadcast Dialing

Voice Broadcasting technology is an effective approach for business applications, community alerts and notifications, and even political campaigns. Businesses can send prospects and clients announcements and advertisements. Enterprises that use broadcast dialing are able to reach their customers, employees, constituents, subscribers, members, or answering machines. Its ability to reach out to a massive number of potential clients instantly finds application across various industry verticals.

Key Benefits

Businesses can use broadcast dialing to promote their organization, products, or services. The key benefits you can derive from this highly innovative technology solution are:

  • Reach more customers- Ideal for telemarketing
  • Increase contact frequency- Very effective for collections process
  • Configuration of Phone messaging broadcast- Can be used innovatively for political campaigns
  • Saving on agents costs by implementation of IVR-based broadcast

Use an intelligent and efficient broadcast dialing technology to convert leads to sales.


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