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What Can You Expect in the 17th Annual Call Center Week?



The last week of June will witness two thousand of the most hungry, and accomplished customer experience executives along with numerous call centers gather in Los Angeles for the 17th Annual Call Center Week (CCW). Just a fortnight prior to that, these executives and contact centers will log in at CCW online to pursue an EP3 experience. More importantly, in order to do so, they need not move away from their systems or make payments.

It will be a complimentary event that offers a comprehensive blueprint to achieve call center excellence. The event will handle day-to-day issues that pop up during call center management, look closely at concepts such as optimizing various business processes, and setting up objectives and important scripts. The CCW will also take a close look at the various innovations done in the field of call center technology.

The event also plans to closely review the best industry practices for call center agents while considering the issues of agents who work remotely from their homes, plus optimization of employee engagement inside the center. There are plans for looking minutely at call center performance measurement and monitoring process. The Annual Call Center Week will also touch base with the latest trends that include identifying the core features in the world of Omnichannel and to find out the degree to which a call center can act proactively.

Finally, the participants will also learn the ways through which a call center can effectively engage its callers, at the same time making sure that it acts as a productive and efficient driver of excellent customer and partner experience.

Major Topics to be Covered in 17th Annual Call Center Week

  • Productivity of call center agents: Ways of developing the finest agents in a call center
  • Blended metrics: The importance of both efficiency metrics and customer metrics in a call center environment
  • EP3: New objective of a call center
  • Culture of new call centers: How should the environment appear like?
  • Quality experience & quality interactions: Ways to improve and access quality of customer interaction
  • New environment for agents: Assessing issues related to ‘work from home’ agents
  • Technology for better customer experience: Latest approach for sourcing of technology

It will be a 3-day program and the participants will leave with all the essential tools to optimize or create a journey-minded and customer-centric call center. The agenda for the 17th Annual Call Center Week will have a clear progression.

Here’s the day wise agenda for the gala event

Day 1: Rethinking a Call Center as an Experience Center

In order to rethink a call center as an experience center, we will have to change the way we establish objectives. Not only that, it will also involve a change in the way we source technology, and how performance will be measured and customers are analyzed. The sessions on Day 1 will be addressing all these issues and allow you to look at your call center from the lens of a customer.

Day 2: Power in the Hands of the Call Center Agents

While you might be having the correct vision for your organization, your agents eventually play the most important role in transforming your call center into an experience center. The sessions on Day 2 will cover the various aspects of empowering the people of a contact center from the time of recruiting, bringing them on board, training them, and to optimization of workforce, feedback mechanisms, insights, agent analytics, work from home agents, along with innovations in the field of desktop technology.

Day 3: The New Call Center Environment

After you have already established a proper vision and have developed the right kind of human capital, an environment will be needed that can lead to excellence. The sessions on Day 3 will demonstrate the all-new call center environment and reveal best practices and innovations for engagement done through Omnichannel environment, and improvement in business processes.

The sky is the limit as far as meeting customer expectations are concerned, and customers look towards service according to their own terms and conditions. This means that service should be delivered whenever they require and according to the digital channel they prefer.

If a call center does not take care of these specific requirements, customer churn and operating costs can keep on increasing. On the other hand, if these are executed well, there might be benefits in the form of enhanced employee and customer satisfaction, coupled with efficient structuring of operating cost and increased revenue. This way, increasing expectation may significantly transform customer service responsibilities and roles for achieving organizational success.

Who will attend the Week-Long Event?

The Call Center Week draws prominent customer care professionals from a plethora of industries, maturity levels, and call center sizes. The event intends to bring the customer service community from all over the globe to a single location.

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